A picture of a Droid 2’s Quadrant benchmark results has been released, and its score is the best stock store to date at 1,458. This is especially impressive considering the phone is apparently straight from the box.

Compared to the Droid X’s score of roughly 1,100, it’s even more impressive. Because both devices sport nearly identical hardware configurations, the difference most likely comes from Froyo - while the Droid 2 runs Android 2.2, the X only runs 2.1.


Granted, a benchmark’s real-world applicability is questionable (after all - Linpack famously runs about 400-500% faster on 2.2 compared to 2.1, but that certainly doesn’t mean the phone is 5x faster). That said, the next closest scores are a Froyo-rockin’ Nexus One (somewhere around 1,300) and the Android 2.1 Droid X (again, around 1,100). Our stock 2.2 EVO 4G, for the record, runs at around 1100-1200.

By comparison, my EVO running CM6 @ 1.152 GHz (vs. the D2’s 1 GHz) only hits 1,585, and David’s Nexus One running CM6 hits 1,750 - ouch. Can’t wait to see what the dev community cooks up for the D2 after launch - it certainly has a lot of potential.

[Source: Droid-Life]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Screw motorola

    "Can’t wait to see what the dev community cooks up for the D2 after launch – it certainly has some potential"

    Um, how about nothing? It has an encrypted boot loader again. No custom roms.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      To overclock, all you need is root. The Droid X has eFuse as well, but it has been rooted (and thus, overclocked).

      I'm sure people will figure out other ways to optimize the phone outside of running a custom ROM.

  • kev

    what the? is there a reason my 2.2 EVO with AVA v4 only has a 824 score even with 1.152 OC?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Run it a few times, that should help. Although, even the first time I ran it I got a 1,300. I would guess AVA or your running processes are to blame.

  • boy-genius

    My T-mobile Vibrant (Glaxy-S) in Quadrant gets a 2156.................. only hack is the file system change to ext2 instead of the samsung default. Galxy S is a True beast... cant wait till froyo gets added on to it

    • Rob

      Ditto on the vibrant 2100+. Love this phone hope froyo takes us up to 3k

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yea - I saw that it hit 2,500 yesterday. Very nice!

    • elijahblake

      did you have to root to do that hack/mod?

  • Me

    i had a 1462 on my EVO the first go after update to 2.2, nowadays im hovering around 1200

  • p-niiice

    if sprint doesn't hurry up with the epic I'm gonna lose bodily fluids or something equally drastic.

  • PC

    Not even close to being the fastest stock score.
    My Mytouch does 1800-1900 stock

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Also obvious: my Core i5 rig runs much faster than my Athlon X2 rig.

      You can't compare newer hardware to older. At the time, this was the highest stock Quadrant score. Obviously it's not going to be the fastest tech forever.

  • Uncle_Rico

    My Captivate hits 1775 - 1880 consistantly.. running VooDoo lagfix on 2.1 Android.. nothing else.

  • Aqil Subahan

    My low end galaxy ace running Cyanoace rom gets about 1900 pts.it has a 800 MHz processor and 278mb ram.Wonder why.Btw runs Android 2.3.5