When Google closed up shop at their now ghost-town of a webstore, Nexus One owners were left without an outlet for official accessories, particularly the elusive HTC Nexus One Car Phone Holder (aka car dock).

With eBay sellers demanding upwards of $200 (and that’s used) for a device that once retailed for $59.99, it seemed Google and HTC had hung Nexus One owners out to dry. But now, HTC’s US online store (run by LetsTalk.com) and its UK sister site are offering up Nexus One goodies, Car Phone Holders included, once again.


I, for one, breathed quite a sigh of relief knowing I could still obtain my Nexus One car dock without handing over what currently represents my effective life savings.

The UK store predictably provides a substantially greater selection than its US counterpart: batteries, USB cables, standalone car chargers, travel charge kits, and stock headphones are all available for purchase.

At both sites, though, desktop docks and car docks are backordered. The UK site indicates they will be ready to ship by this time next month, while the US page provides no ETA.  Regardless of the wait, it is a little reassuring to know HTC won’t leave the Nexus One completely dead in the water quite yet.

Source: @AndroidDev, @romainguy

David Ruddock
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  • J

    Is there a site that still sells the official spare batteries?

    • David Ruddock

      The UK site linked in the article does, but I don't know of a US site. Don't buy them on eBay, they're 98% "authorized manufacturer" batteries (aka not HTC's OEM).

      • J

        Hmm, yeah should have specified my location (US) but yes, you are right, only the UK store is currently selling the spare batteries. :(

        And yeah, I learned my lesson to NEVER buy generic batteries off eBay. Bought one for my camcorder. After the 2nd charge, it died.

        Thanks for the reply, btw.

  • jmc


    not official htc nexus one accessories but they should work

  • anakin78z

    Damn, $60 for the desktop dock. That's $20 more than it was on google's site.