Well, the last few days have been pretty crazy, haven't they? Froyo OTAs hit on 2 major phones, one by one. First, on Monday, the final Froyo version came out for the EVO 4G, and today we saw Verizon's 2.2 show up as well.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, I'd like to take a step back and describe some of the EVO 4G specific Froyo fixes and features we've been seeing on our EVOs.

New Features And Fixes

A good portion of these bullets were written by a Quang Nguyen - our brave EVO tester

1. Lock phone after X minutes of sleep. You can set the phone to truly lock and require your security pattern as soon as the screen times out or 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes after. This lets you quickly re-access your phone without having to swipe your unlock pattern. Great for a frequent texter like me.

Edit by Artem: this is my favorite new tweak, and using an unlock pattern is no longer annoying! If you were frustrated with them before, you should give them another chance.

2. Manage Applications (the one in Settings) opens and loads everything in less than 2 seconds. It now defaults to showing you your downloaded apps instead of showing everything in one huge list. You can also tab to running apps, all apps, and apps installed on your SD card.

3. GChat has been redesigned. It has a new look and feel. The buddy list is white and conversations flow and blend together a little bit better. I also believe chats will now autoclose properly, seemingly after the contact signs off. Previously, all chats remained open until I closed them manually or restarted the phone.

4. HTC Facebook picture bug fixed. If you linked your contacts with your Facebook contacts, you might have noticed that your contacts' pictures never updated. The bug is now fixed and the pictures will update when the phone syncs. Also Facebook statuses will scroll along your contacts image during a phone call. Not sure why I'd ever want to see that, but it was neat to see.

5. HTC music app seems much snappier. I no longer need to use MixZing in order to play music. I'm not sure if this is a result of HTC updating their music app code or if 2.2's JIT compiling has made it faster.

6. Youtube app seems more reliable. Back on my Hero, as well as my 2.1 EVO, I'd often get a bunch of videos that I'd try to launch with little success (can't remember the error message off the top of my head, but I haven't gotten that message once since the update).

7. The camcorder app now uses an LED light. Unfortunately QIK does not take advantage of it, and I've only really used QIK. I probably will now switch over and used the normal camcorder and just upload videos in QIK.

8. Camera menu now works in the vertical mode. It even has a nice sliding animation when switching orientation. Previously, the menu was locked to the horizontal orientation.

9. The stock browser. Whenever you Googled something, then clicked on one of the search results, if you ever hit Back, it would ask you if you were sure you wanted to go back and that you would have to resubmit your post. No longer the situation. I don't know how that bug ever slipped in.

10. There are 2 new apps: App Sharing and Flashlight. The flashlight app is OK, but I think there are better apps out there (LED Desire Light, for example), and they also come with a flashlight widget.

11. Gmail app has been updated. It finally has text selection!

12. The Google Search widget now lets you quickly select what you want to search - all, web, music, etc (there is a setting to turn on more search items in the Settings menu).

13. Automatic app update and mass update, as expected (this is part of Froyo). Each app now has a separate auto-update setting that lets you turn it off selectively.

14. The horizontal screen orientation now works both ways - clockwise and counter-clockwise.

This should do for now. If we missed something major, please don't be shy to point out exactly what it was in the comments - and then vote for your favorite addition in the poll.

What is your favorite new EVO Froyo feature or fix?

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Artem Russakovskii
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  • Brandon

    You can now activate voice-dialing from your Bluetooth headset, which for some reason did not work before.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Ah, good to know. Thanks for the tip.

  • Aliex Folgueira

    .6 Still mounts SD Card when charging phone, even when not conntected to computer

  • Luis

    Notes field within contacts are still truncated due to size limitations, when syncing outlook you'll get a mess on the phone, if the phone synchronizes back you'll lose your data out of outlook. I thought this was being fixed but it seems not

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Do you know what kind of limits we're talking about here? I've actually been working with Google sync and its API, and I can tell you that it limits the whole contact size to 32K characters or so. Are you seeing your phone truncating notes way smaller than this number (accounting for the other fields as well)?

  • Alex

    I wish the Settings menu were alphabetically sorted

  • MrEVO

    None of 2.2. Upgrade convinced me to keep it on my EVO:
    The so-called "improvements" are not worth writing home about IMO. I had most of those already (e.g. Flash, Security/Lock), and don't care about that all that other 'Bull' such as Facebook updates, or 270 degree screen rotation... Big funkin' deal; who really cares??

    Have to admit that I did not actually do the OTA "upgrade" to 2.2, as I don't want to lose root. But I did try some G
    Froyo ROMs instead... flipz, CM6, BakedSnack. Some are really nice tries, but all of them eat up my battery in no time.. which is also said of the official HTC Froyo upgrade.

    I am back to 2.1, rooted, and flashed with latest radio and Wimax, and I couldn't be happier. My battery finally lasts an entire day again, if it needs to.

    Hope there will be some *real* improvements with Gingerbread, or else I probably won't care about it either. -- Love my 'enhanced EVO Claire' build (v1.47...) !!! Now you tell me what you think I'm missing...!?!

    • Robert

      Could you please direct me to a website/discussion board that describes what changes you made? I held off on upgrading my EVO to Froyo to see what the reviews were; now I'm glad I didn't "upgrade". It sounds like you made some great changes. But, I don't really know what you mean by "flashed with latest radio and Wimax". Also, I have never rooted my EVO, so I would like to see a step-by-step description. Thank you!

  • Carlos

    Along with the facebook status scrolling when on a call, it will also have a countdown to their birthday if its steadily approaching.

  • boriqua2000

    i love the fact that i can now disable the safe filtering option in the native youtube app.now i can watch women with low self esteem shaking their asses in HQ.thanks HTC,Sprint and Google.

  • Rafael

    I'm so happy that the search button is disabled when using the camera.. I would always press it and I would get so irritated because it would close the camera.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Oh, is that new? I would do it all the time too - have been talking about having it disabled or require a long press since day 1. Awesome.

  • eightbitspartan

    You can record 480p video with the evo in h.264 and the quality is great. Also some audio fixes.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Ah, good one, indeed you are right. I don't have 2.2 anymore but I remember someone saying motion in videos is a lot smoother now.

      Also, 8 apps instead of 6 when you hold the Home button and a different background.

  • Daris

    Bluetooth dialing

  • jb

    I think the battery life to back to suck after the ota to 2.2. And the other features really werent worth the hype. I still like the EVO, but the update is a kind of a let down and the reduced battery life doesn't help.

  • http://www.bitshop.com Steve Radich

    Everyone should we warned that there is no way to downgrade if you don't like this update - So basically it's like it or try to get Sprint to exchange your phone - Absolutely stupid software policy.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You can always downgrade - all you have to do is root it.

  • jb

    Ya I saw an earlier post where someone went back to the earlier version with a rooted phone. I just keep thinkin that I missed something. Im definitely not going back to the black berry. I think I will wait and see if the battery issue is addressed with an update like before.

  • Alan Thompson

    The update also contained Flash 10.1(I can go to south park studios.com and watch episodes on my evo) and I believe allows use tethering too...I think it was greyed out before,and settings menus are different display and sounds are now separate now,and under "about phone" you get lots of battery statistics.

    I hope all this was helpful and relevent.

  • Alexander

    Hi, it looks like they fixed the speech to text issue, after the last update you would have to be in a quite room in order for the speech to text to pick up your voice, other wise if there were any noises in the background and even when driving it would say "no speech heard" Grrrrrrrr This is one of the main reasons i got this phone since im on the road alot and cannot text by fingers while driving! Also i can see all the other fixes and where also needed!

    Anyone else got thier speech to text working again??