Yesterday we brought news of an on-phone one click root for the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones - which itself was based off of a similar root for the HTC Droid Eris (as mentioned in the post). Turns out we didn’t mention the Eris root the first time around - so here it is.

Android user/coder jcase has come up with an App to root any Eclair-running Droid Eris’. The process is nearly as simple as it gets:

Step 1) download and install this apk
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8699733/erisone010.apk - VERSION 0.1.0

Step 2) Run, read disclaimer, press button

Step 3) Reboot, once rebooted your phone should have Amon's recovery. Yay.

Step 4) Use the recovery to flash rootme.zip that is now on your SDCard, or the custom rom of your choice.

Step 5) Go into settings, and turn usb debugging on. After you have root, please uninstall this app.

Just that easy.

Thanks to jcase for providing the awesome root. If you’d like to express your thanks to him, he asks that you donate to a youth outreach program or feed a homeless youth. What a guy.

[Source: XDA-Devs, Image: GoodDroidBadDroid]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Daniel Hurley

    i need help when i do your one click root thing i do everything you say then when i go to the recovery screen it says that flash root me.zip on there but it want scroll down to it it want move only thing i can is do the reboot option on the recovery screen please help me ASAP i need of root. Thank you
    Daniel Hurley

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Sorry I didn't reply sooner, somehow I didn't see this until now. Did you try using the volume up/down buttons to navigate?

  • Thomas Arsenault

    I have tried this. I get to the part hold volume up and Power and I hold them down during the entire reboot. It still boot back into 2.1 I have rootme on the sd and it seems that I can look at the system files with Astro. From the home I can use up and see proc, root, sbin but some are empty. dev has content. I did not see the recover to flash rootme.zip.

    Any ideas?
    Any help appreciated. Thanks


    • Christy Heffner

      I'm having the same problem. Did you ever get an answer to this? Ugh. What a pain. LOL

      • Aaron Gingrich

        I'm not home at the moment, but I should be in a few hours. I'll look into it then :)

      • Aaron Gingrich

        I'm not sure I understand your problem, but based on what I think you're asking, here are my answers:

        Is it volume up on the eris? It's volume down on most other devices (+ power, too). Try holding volume down + power next time.

        As far as looking with Astro, look in the sdcard folder, not the root folder.

  • Christy Heffner

    How do I get to the recovery screen?

  • Jeremy

    I am having the same problem. I go through the reboot procedure and I can select recovery by pressing power, but once I get into the recovery where I can see the flash phrase I can not move down to select it. I have scrolled down with trackball, pressed volume up and volume down. All I can get it to do is select reboot.

  • Jeff

    So I am have a similar issue I run the app then power down then power up and there us no amons recovery flashd to my SD just a zip file called rootme.zip and what's dose it mean by restart only cyanogenmod 2.2 rom has a reboot option

    • Aaron Gingrich

      If you're running CyanogenMod, you're already rooted... or is that not what you meant? Maybe try Universal Androot.

  • Dave

    Some phones use the tilt detection try holding it sideways so that the volume buttons are facing to the ground.my,fascinate had the same issue this fixed that

  • Sir Knob

    If you hold send and the volume button down while simultaneously press end to turn it on it should work

  • alex

    when i click on recovery it shows the three androids then goes to a phone with a [!] in side a triangle

  • matto

    10/13/2010 - Awesome, Works!! Thx!

  • Matt

    i did everything right but after its installed and everything i can't open the superuser permissions. the program starts up but the screen stays black. any help?

  • aleks

    Can someone please tell me - will all my apps, settings, files, etc be removed if i flash with rootme.zip ? I'm not looking for alternative ROM, just need root.

  • CLU

    I just did the whole process...rebooted my phone....the root worked...everything worked...but...when i click menu and settings from the home screen on my phone the settings page comes up and it is just a blank screen....uh oh....please help...

  • Tracey

    My husband and I are trying to root his Eris. We get to the screen where we need to select the flash option, but we are unable to scroll to it. We have tried everything suggested here but it is still not working. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • crystal

    Before I go thru your steps to root my phone, do I need to install or remove anything prior to? I don't want to lose anything important such as photos. And, I need to make sure that this procedure is going to work and not screw up my phone!

  • Gabbiiiiii

    What if I can't get to the "flash zip from sdcard" on recovery because my roller ball thing is broken?!?!?!?!

  • Erilynn

    I simply cannot scroll down to the flash zip from sdcard on the recovery screen. i have tried scrolling with the roller ball, using the volume buttons, and even tilting the phone. please help.

  • Erilynn

    I FIGURED OUT HOW TO SCROLL DOWN TO FLASH ZIP FROM SD CARD!!! hold down the green phone 'talk' button and use the roller ball! yay!