The wizards at xda-developers have woven their magic once again and solved the woes of those EVO 4G owners who upgraded their handsets to HTC's leaked 3.26.651.3 version of Froyo last Friday.


If you remember, shortly after the .3 leak was posted, HTC announced that it wasn't the final Froyo release. Indeed, a few days later, on Monday, the world saw a new, this time official, OTA with the version number ending in .6. The problem was, however, that there was no way to update from .3 to .6, which left the early adopters empty handed.


Pojoman, one of xda's members, managed to acquire the necessary upgrade file from Sprint (props to his connections there) and made it, along with installation instructions, available to all the EVO pioneers. You can find said instructions and the download below:


Edit: For those who don't know how to run this
1) Press down and power simultaneously, and go to the bootloader
2) Allow the hboot to run.
3) Connect the usb (note: make sure you allowed for usb debugging prior to loading bootloader)
4) Press fastboot (Using the power button as select) and it will change to Fastboot usb
5) Run the .exe from your computer.
6) Grab a bowl of cereal and wait.
7) Thank Pojoman and all those who talked him through the day while waiting for this fix.

If something doesn't work, you can head over to the original forum thread to get the latest scoop.

Oh yeah, and welcome to the official club.

Credit: xda-developers via goodelyfe

  • http://anasqtiesh.com Anas Qtiesh

    I've been burnt once; this time I'm waiting got HTC to come up with the fix.

  • kevin

    My sprint store told me they could do it for me for free, but its good to know this option is out there. Nice work guys.

  • http://twitter.com/dallasgeek83 Joe

    This is all well and good but what about those of us running OS X? We can't do anything with an EXE file - are there plans to make another ZIP of the .6 like AndroidPolice had with the .3?

  • Tom Johnson

    I tried this twice this morning and it would not work. I'll try again when I get home from work and use a different computer - or wait until I get the "official" official update..

  • MikeH

    Am I missing something, or is the new Hotspot and USB tethering feature disabled on the Sprint phones?

  • worldbfree4me

    Be mindful that the FUU or .6 update will wipe the device clean of apps and contacts. Btw, I use Sync Toy 2.1 for device back ups, it is backed by MS and is also free! Me personally, I'm gonna keep the 183meg FUU file stowed away for safe keeping and only use it if an official solution HTC fails to materialize in say a week. The only tangible problem I have with .3 is that I have to set Flash to "On Demand" or my web browser crashes on certain cites. And it seems like Battery life has taken somewhat of a hit. But, I'm a power user who uses this device and others like it 25/8! C'est la vie.

  • Ray

    just installed, works great so far..