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Enterprising user rhcp0112345 over at XDA-Devs (where else?) has come up with an on-phone, one click root/unroot for the Samsung Galaxy S line of devices. It has only been tested on his Vibrant, but it should work across the line of devices.

There are no real details on the process yet - but it seems that you just install the app, hit “root” or “unroot,” and reboot your device. Sounds simple enough.

Full post:


I just wrote this up.

Thanks to jcase for the information and his root for eris: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=742228

This will root/unroot. No need for a PC.


If anyone can test.


He later tested it on his own device:

Confirmed working on my vibrant.

Just tested.

Nicely done, rhcp. If anyone gives this a shot, be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[Update]: jcase, who wrote the Eris root, has emailed us on behalf of himself and rhcp.

Some clown has taken it upon themselves to post the root app, or what appears to be the root app on the market. This is not an authorized distribution of our project, and the app has a different fingerprint(md5) than our's does (aka it has been altered in someway). It has the same pname, and icon. It is also credited as being my work, which that file certainly isn't.

I haven't had time to take it apart and make sure its not malicious, I just wanted to give you guys a head's up in case you wanted to warn users that the market version is not from us, and may not do what it claims to.


In other words, you should probably steer clear of the app that can be found in the Market.

[Source: XDA-Devs]

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  • Ty

    this worked beautifully on my captivate

  • http://twitter.com/emalik25 emalik25

    What is the point of rooting?

  • VibrantUser702

    In the process of trying it, I haven't rooted android since my old G1 (and a lot of iphone jailbreak experience). Still isn't quite working out so easy for me.

    I first installed from my phones internal memory, restarted, turned off, held down volume buttons, went to reload files or whatever it says and it said it could not find the update. Trying again in different ways.

    edit: Can't seem to get the menu to pop up anymore from holding down volume buttons. Worth noting for people trying this... it has not messed with any settings on my phone so it has been safe, even as a failed attempt.

  • Aaron

    So, I've downloaded and installed the app, but before I start it, i just wanted to know how to boot it back up in the recovery menu to flash my phone (Samsung Vibrant)

  • VibrantUser702

    I read you can turn on your device holding the volume down button and it will go into recovery mode menu. This root won't work for me, i guess I missed my chance the first time I installed.

  • VibrantUser702

    When I plug in my phone and turn it on using volume up and down it says "Downloading... Do not turn off Target!!!" Does anyone know if this means it is installing?

  • VibrantUser702

    Sorry to spam... I got back to the volume um and down screen but it still says no such file as update.zip. When I mount I can see it though. anyone else with this problem?

    • Kurt

      Yep, I get the same thing on a T-Mobile Vibrant. no update.zip file found.

      • Kurt

        It turns out, the update.zip file copied to my ACTUAL SD card and it should have been dropped in the internal storage. I moved it, using USB cable and my computer, and it works.

        • Skeeterou

          Yeah, this worked for me as well. Just move it using USB to your phone's main storage and VOILA! Thanks duder.

  • VibrantUser702

    I got it to work, here it what I did.

    I mounted the device. Made a folder called sdcard in my phone's main hard drive. Copied update to it. I also made a copy called update.zip (im on windows 7 and didn't know if I had changed the file name).

    I turned off my device, you can only boot into the recovery mode from a fresh turn off. I held down volume up and volume down very strongly. Then I pressed it to turn on for about 3 seconds and let go of that. After the Vibrant boot logo it loads into recovery mode. I had it install packages or whatever it says and 5 seconds later my phone restarted with new root function.

    I tested my root capabilities by installing barnacle wifi legacy (legacy works for samsung s) If it runs, it worked. Woot.

    Update: sadly barnacle connects with my laptop but gets an error when I try to use the internet, blah.

  • VibrantUser702

    Here is how to get barnacle to work:


    Make sure to run command prompt as administrator. To do this you goto start>all programs> accessories then right click command prompt and "Run as administrator"

    • ceby13

      I installed the fingerprint scanner thing and i dont know how to uninstall it..it wont let me do anything,it looks like a portle or something and it asks to scan ur finger 3 times and let go,then it says access granted but nothing else happens..Do i have to go to T-Mobile so they can fix it or what??

  • Jvon

    Ok so I'm a noob wen it comes to this so can somebody please explain in lay mans terms how to download this for a mac user please ? I'm using samsung captivate

    • thu

      Did you figure out what to do?

  • artcriminal

    OK installed app. Had to remove external SD to get it to find the file once move into root directory. Went through all the steps. How do I confirm I have root access now?

    • Paul Murray

      On the google play store there is an app called root checker it will confirm if you do or don't have it

  • JJ

    Does anyone know if this root will work on the Fascinate?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Not sure, I'd suggest posting in the source thread and asking there :)

  • Doug

    does this work for the continuum? It's technically a galaxy s phone...