As if having their handsets leaking out like crazy wasn’t enough, Motorola’s latest builds of Android 2.2 for the original DROID have slipped out on the MyDroidWorld forums.

Starting with a rooted version of FRG01B on the 20th of July, Chief of Staff p3droid has now dropped another build on the DROID community, FRG22. Claiming it to be Motorola’s latest, and the fastest DROID ROM yet, p3droid has already gone ahead and rooted it for those feeling adventurous enough to try something new.

The update.zip can be flashed as an upgrade over existing installs, but as usual be careful as some users have reported bugs when not doing a clean-wipe before installing. Benefits are said to be greater stability over the original FRG01B release, and smoother GUI effects.

Source : MyDroidWorld [1][2]

Brian O'Toole
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  • keith

    i put the first 2.2 on last night (early morning) i put in root then did the power and x button then the volume and camera buttons, and hit sd update.zip then rebooted. everything went smooth, this new 2.2 wont work that way, for me atleast. what apps or programs do i need to install this 2.2 FRG22? thanks again.

    • Mike

      Was there an answer for this? I have the same issue.

  • Happyguy20

    I got the official frg01b yesterday and got a pop to update to frg22 at 10pm tonight man it is much faster, quadrant says it is not faster but the gui seems to move faster to me