No longer should Nexus One owners be jealous of their HTC Desire brethren. We’ve seen High-Def on the N1 before, and thanks to the continued hard work of Charan Singh and Cyanogen over at XDA-Developers, 1280 x 720 recording has finally come to an AOSP version of Froyo 2.2. The update.zip will only work for CyanogenMod versions greater than RC2, but it is expected to be ported to the popular LeoFroyo ROM and, who knows, maybe even the stock version of N1 Froyo in the future. There are still some bugs in the software, but these should be ironed out over the coming days.



Always be careful when flashing updates to your phone. Do a Nandroid backup first. If you don’t know what that is, it’s probably best to hold off for the minute Winking smile

Charan Singh has posted his own video, looking a bit better, on DropBox

Source : XDA-Developers

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  • Scott

    Who shot this video? I live on this street!

    • Brian O’Toole


  • jpanamu

    I have a questions? you must have a class 4 microSD? could i use a class 6 or class 10?

    Please let me know. I tried updating the HD video zipfile to my microSD class 2 and for some reason it freezed the nexus one. I usually have to back to loading my last nandroid backup to get it to work. also could you please post step by step how to install it....thank you