Facebook released an updated version of their Android app today and finally addressed many reported issues – namely, that it was underpowered in comparison to the Facebook app for the iPhone, or even the mobile site. Tonight’s update brings a slew of improvements, raising the app to a level that puts it on par with its sister app on iOS.

snap20100803_222235 old_FB

As you can see, the new app (left) is much improved over the old (right) – the most obvious new features being the photo bar along the bottom and the notification bar that now slides up, as well as adding Events, Messages, Search, and a… What’s New button.

Both the picture and notification bars are surprisingly useful:

fb4 fb_1

Other than that, the app just feels slicker and more native than the old one. Not much to report, really – just some more screencaps:

fb2 fb3

Can’t find an official changelog anywhere as of yet, but there you have it. Certainly a big improvement over the old one.

Grab the update in the Market or scan this QR code with Barcode Scanner:

QR code for market://search?q=pname:com.facebook.katana

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Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

    Finally!! I hate the mobile site (touch) and I hate the FB app. I hope the new app does messaging well. I always have problems with the site sending my messages

  • digitalthug

    It only got updated cause mark got an android phone. now that he sees the light hopefully we will see more updates

    • Tyler

      He got an Android phone? :D

      Color me happy.

  • ddddddd

    Can't turn to landscape view on main menu booooooo...

  • Moonie17

    Still takes you into browser when tapping a notification.... this really needs to be sorted

  • Thomas

    Need Favorites.That is an exellent feture in the facebook-app

  • http://music.is-amazing.com pavel

    how to update the Facebook app when you are rooted? I am now on Google Nexus One FRF85B.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I'm rooted as well with CyanogenMod... I just went to the Market, found the Facebook app, and hit "update."

  • John

    How do you update the facebook app on the HTC Desire? When I go to the Market it doesn't show as being installed, do I just have to download from the Market and have the app on my phone twice?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Was the app originally installed sideloaded or normally?

      Try uninstalling both and reinstalling?

    • CodeMonkey

      It won't do.

      Just install (it should overinstall).

      Same goes for Maps, Google Voice, etc.

      Once you've done this for a pre-installed app, they will show up in market as 'Update' in the future.

      • John

        Thanks CodeMonkey, I've installed it and as you said it has just overinstalled, Thanks for your help

  • chris ponciano

    I got installation unsuccessful every time i tried to install

    • toebee97

      So did I. Tried over wifi and OTA, but it's always unsuccessful. I have plenty of space, I even tried uninstalling the old version and then installing the new one from market. Unsuccessful every time. Not having problems installing anything else. May have to switch to bloo.

      • Me

        yeah still no luck, i was gonna try bloo, but you cant even doo anything unless you sync it or get some sort of code or something, once i downloaded it, installed it and ran it and found out it doenst work unless you go back to your desktop i stopped using it, just being lazy i guess..

    • Rory

      I'm having the same problem.

  • DaKine

    Installed. When I try to open "friends" I get a FC.


    Reinstalled. Still get the FC.

    • Jake

      I have this same problem, htc incredible 2.1

  • Duke in Oz Downunder

    Finally just got v1.3.1 supposed to fix the bug. Appbrain still still seems to be showing v1.3.0 (not 1.3.1). The Facebook page seems is the ‘official page’ but they don’t even have a change log. However at least the whole app is much less suckier and it actually shows news feeds that are up to date finally.