Chalk this one up as a novelty, because the usefulness is pretty low. HowToGeek (and by extension, an XDA forum member) have posted instructions for how to boot your PC into Android. The process isn’t too excruciatingly tricky if you’re willing to just burn the ISO to a CD, although if you opt to run Android from a USB key, you’re in for a slightly more involved process.


Once installed, things seem to work pretty normally – according to HTG, this includes cameras and Wi-Fi, depending on what you’re using. Also (and rather surprisingly), they had some minor issues with some effects (opening menus, etc) stuttering.


Can’t wait to see the Linpack scores posted from a Core i7 Extreme (“Your phone gets 45 MFLOPS? Cool – I get 512”). Hit up the source links for details – HowToGeek’s goes into more detail (using USB key), while XDA’s is more simple (just uses an ISO –> CD). If you try this out, be sure to let us know how it works.


[Source: HowToGeek, XDA-Devs]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Artem

    Interesting. Though I am not sure what the benefits over the Android emulator are.

    • lostsync

      The Android emulator is excruciatingly slow. This should be way more snappy.

  • Lee

    I loaded it using VMWare Player. Just load the ISO. Works!

  • regor412

    Does the app store work?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Not sure, hopefully somebody else has an answer. I wouldn't think so, since Google licenses access to it by device, but who knows.

  • Jordan

    This would be amazing on my HP Pavilion DV6 i7 Quadcore with Touchscreen lol.. So you have a Nexus Tablet? I've got an HP with keyboard lol