Last Updated: April 2nd, 2011

If the past is any indication of the future, it looks like we may now have the latest release date for the Epic 4G on Sprint. Let me explain.

You see, Samsung has so far posted 2 SPS TV (Samsung TV) videos of their hosts showcasing the Captivate and the Vibrant, with video post dates coinciding with the official phone release dates:

  • the Captivate video was posted on Monday, July 19th, which happens to be the first business day after the official launch date that fell on a Sunday (July 18th)
  • the Vibrant video was posted on Wednesday, July 21st, which seems late, as the phone was released on the 15th. However, if we remember that this release date got moved up at the last minute to the 15th to compete with the Droid X release and was originally scheduled for the 21st, things fall into place again.


So, what else do we see now on the SPS TV video page?


If we go with our theory, August 20th will be the latest Epic 4G is going to be released. A Thursday/Friday release is not unheard of - it's right before the weekend, during which most people don't have work to go to and instead fancy some shopping; in fact, that's exactly how I got my HTC Hero last October.

See our Vibrant/Captivate first impressions and comparison here: Surprise Unboxing Of The T-Mobile Vibrant + Plus A Short Hands-On And Captivate Comparison (Pics)

In addition, @SamsungMobileUS tweeted this yesterday, confirming an earlier claim of :


Update #1: and then there is this SamsungMobileUS tweet, although the US definition of summer does indeed stretch into mid-September:


Nothing is confirmed, but the stars are finally lining up. Those of you looking to pick an Epic 4G up as soon as it comes out (myself included) might want to start saving up the cashish - August 20th is less than a month away.


Source: SPS TV, thanks to: reddit

Artem Russakovskii
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  • gameboid

    sorry to burst your bubble but the Epic 4G will not release in August. I can assure you... it's a nice theory but certain things have to happen within Sprint before it's release. Look to September...

    • DevilDogVIKING

      please elaborate, what things must happen within Sprint?

    • ajac

      like what? its cleared FCC its been 30 days past the evo release if anything it releasing in the next 2-3 weeks makes sense

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Take a look at this, everyone who is saying it won't be August: http://twitter.com/SamsungMobileUS/status/18710403281

      August is the last month of summer last time I checked.

      Edit: the US definition of summer does indeed include a part of September, so back to ambiguity we go (if we disregard the pattern in posting videos that was the main point of the article).

  • ajac

    its before the 20th. why do I think that? becasue sprint is pushing for it to come out before the droid 2...also just becasue they plan on putting a video on august 20th dont mean it will be that day they could release a video after its out.. ever think of that?

    • Kane

      Umm, this is mentioned in the article multiple times - the 20th is the latest day, i.e. it can arrive before.

  • DevilDogVIKING

    I'm coming back to the states on the 23rd so I hope is around that time.

  • gameboid

    there's protocol that Sprint typically follows before a major new release... now, perhaps this could change if Sprint does not consider the Epic a major release or the CEO decides that they should move things faster for competition (Droid2), but with the Evo shortages, combined with typical protocol, it is highly unlikely that the Epic will release in August. Sprint will wait on the Epic until they can move some more Evos, their flagship phone.

    • Tom

      That doesn't make too much sense. If I were Sprint I would push for Epic 4g to be released around the 20th to compete with droid 2. Why have one flagship when you can have 2?

      I got the evo but I will check the epic out.

    • Kellic

      Sorry but it is well documented that HTC can not keep up with demand on the EVO. And that Sprint is PISSED. The epic would make sense since its from another manufacturer and would hopefully offload demand for the EVO.

  • fkabibil

    This makes no sense. You think sprint really cares about which phone they are selling?... They make their money off of subscribers not devices. The more people they can entice into new contracts or re-upping the better for them and they do this by actually having product to sell not sitting on it while their competitors put out a competing device and they sit waiting for Evos to come back in stock.

    • DevilDogVIKING

      exactly, which is why it is in Sprint's best interest to release the Epic asap!

  • cary

    I hope its by august. September does mark the end of summer and if Samsung themselves stated:

    "it's coming out this summer"

    I'm pretty sure its sometime in August

  • Breakbeat Aesthetechs

    Anyone @mention or direct message @SamsungMobileUS and ask specifically about the release date being on 8/20?

    I sent a direct message yesterday and just posted an @mention post to that account a few minutes ago. So far it looks like they're responding to everyone else but ignoring the messages I sent.

    Could it be because that is indeed the timeframe but they don't want to reveal it yet?

    I suggest everyone else @mention or direct message them about the 8/20 date specifically to see if they can get a response.

  • gameboid

    I, myself, am hoping for an August release, but I am not holding my breath. You can't assume that Sprint is going to do what "you" would do. Protocol is protocol. Now is Sprint decides that this is not a flagship phone and wants to to something out of the ordinary and severely push up the release date, then I'm all for that! I'm still putting money on September...

  • kams

    can you please provide the link for the last pic of samsung galaxy S where it shows epic 4g and says play video? i want to chk out that site. thanks.

  • Alan

    Samsung products suck have fun with this lousy smartphone, you samsung freaks. All there products now phones shoot I would never own Samsung so have fun. HTC Touch Pro3 is going to blow this phone out of the water when it comes out as a PDA and not a smartphone even better.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I'm debating whether I should delete this due to the grammar, but sheer awesomeness of it is preventing me from doing so.

      • Duuuude

        Please do, there is no worth in it, has nothing to do with topic

    • DevilDogVIKING

      every phone I've owned except one has been samsung, that's because of quality. I tried a motorola phone and was very dissapointed. I've never been dissapointed by Samsung. Besides, its all personal preference.

  • DevilDogVIKING

    The Samsung TV page with the Epic video that was scheduled for August 20th, now says January 1, 3000. Interesting.


  • gameboid

    UPDATE: Sprint begins training tomorrow on the Epic 4G! Guess Sprint is changing things up a bit. Looks like an August release is def happening!

    • Kaitlyn

      Yess! I really want this ASAP!

    • Duuuude

      silly negative nancy. and you "assured" us, so much for your word

  • xiaoying

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