Nexus One Sold Out

As we warned was imminent, the Nexus One is no longer available directly from Google, as supplies have been exhausted. Google.com/phone has been replaced with a simple message directing customers to a help center article outlining carriers that supply the device. Carriers will continue to sell the device until their own stocks are depleted.


The Nexus One online experiment was considered a flop by most, but the phone’s hardware was a huge step forward for Android at the time and ignited a flurry of powerful, high-end Android phones that followed in its wake. It is still the only phone officially running Android 2.2, and remains formidable in terms of hardware even though it’s nearly 6 months old. This quote from Blade Runner says it best:

Tyrell: Would you... like to be upgraded?
Batty: I had in mind something a little more radical.
Tyrell: What... what seems to be the problem?
Batty: Death.

It’s been real, Nexus One.

  • Ryan

    The car and desktop dock are also gone.

    • Steve

      Bought it recently and got it from fedex today. So glad I did

  • donnythebowler

    This is sad. Not only because of the fact that the N1 is gone, but also because it represents a victory for the carriers.

    These cellular providers are the most despicable, desperate and greedy forces in business today.

    They are becoming commodities. Rather than accept it and try to survive beyond the inevitable change in their business, they react like cornered animals and retract into silly power grabs from the true innovators: the software producers.

    Where are the stock Android phones? Once the original Droid is killed, there will be no way to get get one.

    Sad indeed.

  • Kane

    I lol'ed at the quote. Nice one, Andrew.

  • Tom

    Where can i buy an nexus one when i am in NY? Please help me because im from europe and im going to NY un august.

  • Legola

    ah-HAH! Now I have an Epic phone that can be very hard to find! :P Nexus One Forever! <3