HTC EVO 4G Owners, Here's A Battery Tip For You: 2 Extra 1500mAh Batteries + Battery Charger For $10, AndroidPolice Tested And Approved
Last Updated: July 23rd, 2010

EVO 4G is notorious for its battery problems - they've been plaguing the phone since before it even came out. I personally don't think the battery life is too drastically different from the Hero, for instance, but it's still pretty bad. Chances are that if you want to last through the day, you won't.

Update #1: These fit the HTC Hero too! (Thanks to @xMPoly for the tip)

Update #2: Fit the Droid Incredible perfectly as well! I wonder if it's good for all HTC phones.

There are countless battery tips out there, most of which either don't do anything or force you to turn off so much of your phone's functionality that you might as well buy an iPhone (ziiiiing?).

Spare Batteries

However, here's a more radical tip for you - carry an extra battery (or 2). Sprint's itself suggested it as a workaround for the battery issues. At suggested retail of $30-40 a pop, it is, however, not the cheapest.

There are countless aftermarket copycat batteries on eBay but who knows whether they are any good? Will they hold the charge or run out after a few hours? What is a good package? Well, we do, because we tested a specific set for the last 2 weeks, and it was brilliant.

The Details

While browsing AndroidCentral forums a few weeks ago, I saw this post covering the following set and being highly recommended by the poster.

You spend exactly $10 and get:

  • a perfectly fine pair of extra batteries that pack the same amount of juice as the stock battery (1500mAh)
  • a dedicated battery charger
  • oh, and did I mention this whole package ships free?

I ordered and had them in my hands a week or so later.

The batteries feel solid and not cheap, like some knock-offs, and the charger has a nice indicator that lights up in reddish-bluish color when the charge is in progress and turns blue when the charge is complete.

I've been using them and I personally can't tell the difference between the stock battery and these ones - they last approximately the same, which was a huge relief.

Have a look at some photos I took:

HTC EVO 4G Owners, Here's A Battery Tip For You: 2 Extra 1500mAh Batteries + Battery Charger For $10, AndroidPolice Tested And Approved HTC EVO 4G Owners, Here's A Battery Tip For You: 2 Extra 1500mAh Batteries + Battery Charger For $10, AndroidPolice Tested And Approved

While I carry a USB charger with me at all times, it has felt incredibly satisfactory to be able to instantly receive a top-up to 100% in a few seconds. I am keeping both batteries in my laptop backpack that is with me at all times. The charge paranoia - it's gone.

Buy It

If you want to buy this set, head over to eBay item #250641711190.

Report back with your experiences.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://travisreddell.net Travis

    The problem with this is that smartphone (namely Android-based) boot times are still not up to snuff. Switching the battery involves shutting down and booting backup, which can take a while most of the time. We should just keep challenging manufacturers to include high performance batteries with these "superphones".

    • Digitalthug

      You act like u'll constantly have to switch out batteries, but you should only have to once a day. And what is ur definition of 'a while' ? Nexus One is no more than 1-2 min for a full load, less than that to get to the homescreens.

    • http://bestlittlestudio.com James

      From pressing the "Reboot" button on my Evo to being fully back in android and able to use my phone is a whopping 57 seconds.

      One minute dude, seriously, if you cannot be away from your phone for one minute you need help.

      These are a great deal, buying 3 of them, one for each of my evo's.

  • Aaron M.

    Great Find, for $10 dollars and free shipping you cannot go wrong.

  • Spylock

    I bought 2 sets a couple weeks ago (We have 2 Evo's) and we are happy with the purchase. The batteries work great and seam to last about as long as the stock red battery that comes with the Evo.

  • http://www.walshitech.com Tim

    I got one...for $10 why not.

  • Alec

    Do these work in a Nexus One?

  • Melvin

    I made this purchase one month ago, and it Is the best $10 I have spent for my Evo

  • David Ruddock

    For 10 bucks I can absolutely, 100% guarantee you that these batteries will not be anywhere close to stock in terms of lifetime charge capacity. For 10 bucks, who cares I suppose; it's a good deal.

    But the number of charge cycles before these start to lose capacity is going to be very low; lithium ion battery quality is rated by lifetime charge cycle degredation rate, mAh do not translate into quality, merely the number of cells they've packed into the device.

    • David Ruddock

      Also, I'd throw away the charger or only use it on the batteries you bought. I won't touch off-brand chargers with a ten-foot pole unless they're made by a company whose products are noted for quality, and the charger is SPECIFICALLY for the device I'm using.

      Why? Different chargers deliver a range of voltages, some chargers (especially ones made certain companies, I'm looking at you; Griffin and Belkin) use the highest acceptable (or even higher) voltage for charging Li ion batteries (about 4.3v if I recall). The higher the voltage, the shorter the effective lifetime usefulness of your battery. High voltages kill cells, as do high temperatures caused by higher voltage chargers.

      Low quality chargers may also deliver inconsistent voltages, potentially damaging your battery if voltage spikes (by killing cells).

      I'm not saying your phone is any sort of danger, exploding battery stories seem to be on the downtrend. :P

      But, lithium ion polymer batteries are not duracells, quality is usually commensurate with price, and it's almost always better to go OEM if you can. Same goes for li-ion battery chargers.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Agreed. Some things you get what you pay for, and batteries are one of those things (to an extent).

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          We'll see how long these last. But at this price and considering most of the time you won't be actually using them, as they're spare batteries, I think it's an excellent deal.

  • chris ponciano

    Just ordered, for that price, why not... when i ordered it said there was 9 left, im sure this guy is loving you and this post right now.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It looks like he sold close to 8000 so far from that auction.

  • aynonimiz

    Anyone know if the evo and the incredible share batteries?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Just verified it working on the Incredible. HTC rocks!

      • chris ponciano

        makes sense, seeing as how im pretty sure alot of them are based on the same platform, just tweaked and changed the names for different carriers.

  • juan leal

    This is too good to be tru, i wouldn't be the first to try it, these Chinese batteries have a tenancy to under-perform, fail or just leak and kill your $500 gadget...for 10 dollars its just too good to be tru

  • Brian

    Battery life is solid on my evo, good to know in case that changes.

  • chris ponciano

    Update on the batteries, so far so good, about a week in, everything is copasetic, been charging one, while one on stand by, while on in my phone. its nice not to have to deal with finding a cable that works (allot of the cables i bought don't work) or a charger port (low on usb ports) or hope my ZAPP! charger will work or not (sometimes doesn't charge my EVO). all i have to do is shutdown, switch batteries and i'm good to go.

    The deal is especially good since my china source lists the same battery at $5.01, so basically $10.02 for the two batteries without the charger.

    • Artem

      ...or the free shipping.

      Glad it worked out for you!

  • dutchie62

    I bought a set of two batteries and a charger about two months ago for my Samsung Galaxy S and i'm still more than happy with them. Always carry around two spares fully charged. Changing the battery takes a few seconds and rebooting the phone maybe a whole minute. That doesn't outweigh the convenience of never being without juice.

  • Gadgetsage

    I had already bought these off ebay, and then even found some supposedly 1800mAh ones, so I'm up to 5 batteries total, because there were days when 3 just didn't QUITE get me through the whole day.

    The guy saying don't use these chargers to charge your phone is right, I would actually see the phone lock up or behave as if the screen was being touched when plugged into these chargers, I only use them on the batteries after this disturbing experience... plus, it's china people, it's not impossible for them to have circuitry in there that would install a trojan on whatever phone you attach to it.

    Not likely, but possible.

    Re the 1800mAh batts, I think that was just some smart marketing on the part of the guy selling them, no marked difference in battery life vs. the 1500mAh batts.

    And one of those 1800s won't charge in the phone anymore after about 8 months of use, only the charger.

    But for the price, and the freedom from having to plug in CONSTANTLY, (HATED that with my centro, batt life on that girl phone was ridiculous, 2 hours wtf) this is the best solution at the moment.

    Droid is supposed to get maybe 7 hours, but using Motorola and phone in the same sentence fails the laugh test, you have to be able to actually UNDERSTAND not just hear the other person making buzzy muted trombone sounds to really fairly call the device a phone....

    I will NEVER buy another Motorola phone.