Although no one expected the LG Ally to be the next phone to receive a push to Android 2.2, the announcement of an Ally update really got our hopes up. Still, it’s better than nothing. So, what changes does this update bring Ally users? Check them out below, straight from Verizon’s support page:

+ Increased QWERTY keyboard operability.
+ Streamlined alert functions.
+ Improved usability with alert sounds for authentication or
confirmation of Bluetooth® functions.
+ Increased speed and response time for Messaging and
Camera applications.
+ Manage your schedule with preloaded Corporate
Calendar application.
+ Improved Amazon MP3 application.
+ Preloaded Backup Assistant application is now available.
+ Enjoy an enhanced preloaded Visual Voicemail application.
+ Sync Facebook™ contacts with a new preloaded application.

Also found on the support page are highly detailed instructions on how the update should go; helpful for any novice users. You should be receiving your update some time in the next few days, though you’ll have to be connected to Wi-Fi to receive a notice. Alternatively, you can check for the update manually through “System updates” (found in “About Phone” under Settings.)

Source: Verizon Support via Boy Genius Report

  • carol

    interesting, I received notice of ally update without Wi-Fi. I downloaded right away with no issues so far. BTW happened 9/24/10 around 11:00 am

  • Shea

    I manually downloaded the new FROYO update about an hour ago via the lg software update manager on my computer. It is very nice so far and it is much more responsive and browsing speed on the internet has improved as promised. The ally now runs much more smoothly and I think it wears froyo pretty well if I may say so myself.

  • kindaupset

    when i get a text, the light flashes green ,not multicolored anymore :(

  • Mike

    Does this mean any new Ally sold will have the 2.2 already installed?