Vodafone Germany has been sending out a few interesting tweets lately, and the official word seems to be that Android 2.2 should be rolling out to Nexus One users sometime in the next few days (presumably, those are business days). Granted, we’re working with Google Translate on this one, but it’s probably safe to assume the translation is solid.


I’m a bit surprised there’s even a fuss at all, as the finalized FroYo update has only been rolling out to US N1 users for a short while, and no other phones have yet to receive official FroYo. Still, there you have it – should keep customers happy.

[Source: EuroDroid, Vodafone Germany Twitter Feed]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Rick

    Thank god, i've been waiting forever.....
    I suppose if vodafone germany says it it probably counts for vodafone europe too doesn't it?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, I would guess so :)

      • RyanMacG

        I think the issue is that the US OTA went out unmolested by carriers but Vodafone demanded "enhancements" which isn't houw they sold the phone...

  • qwerty

    Vodafone have delayed the release two months and counting by interfering with the code, after many users purchased contracts with Vodafone on the assurance updates would be released immediately without interference from Vodafone.

    Vodafone have since modified all advertising claiming there would not be any interference, and are making it difficult for customers to prove otherwise.

    Furthermore, Vodafone forum moderators only post unhelpful, misleading or conflicting advice which is often edited or removed to cover their tracks as well as deleting genuinely helpful advice from the community.