We knew Google was planning on closing down the web store, and it looks like they’re pretty close to that point. In a blog post today, they announced that they’ve received their last batch of Nexus Ones. While they may still be available in certain markets – including Vodafone (in Europe) and KT (in Korea), as well as other places “based on local market conditions,” – this by and large marks the end.


Support will still be offered to N1 customers, and developers can still purchase the phone through a partner – accessible via their Market accounts.

[Source: Engadget, Google. Image Source: Weekly Rot]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • anakin78z

    So sad about this.
    Does anyone know of an announced phone that will be running stock Android from here on out?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yea, definitely a bit of a bummer. Personally, I can't think of any Android devices that don't have a custom UI, sorry.

    • Brian

      It's not *that* bad. Getting a developer account is just a one-time $25 fee, so really anybody can still get one. Their post recognizes that developers need unrestricted devices running the latest OS, so hopefully they'll continue to sell uncrippled phones through that channel in the future.

  • habechian

    I am going to iPhone.....after G1 and N1...Google's phones never more!!!

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Yes Google has it's last shipment, and the online store is closing, BUT the N1s are still being manufactured by HTC, and will continue to be sold in reatail stores for quite some time. Misleading article a bit I think. As long as you can find a store (which shouldn't be that hard) you can get an N1, and since they are unlocked you don't have to pick and choose what store to buy from. Find the first store and order.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I would understand if you thought it was misleading if I said production was stopping, but I didn't. I even specifically said that it will still be offered in Europe and Korea.

      • BobbyPhoenix

        True. I guess the last words that I read is what I based my comments on. "this by and large marks the end." You're correct. You didn't actually say they were stopping production, but see, I guess I was "misled". LOL OK sorry bad joke.

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Haha ;)

    • Tom

      So in what stores can you buy the N1?
      Im from Europe and im going to NY so i have no clue.

  • Tom

    Hi i have a question.
    i live in europe and im going to NY for a couple of days in august.
    where can i buy the nexus one?!
    please reply or send me an email.

    • John

      you can buy one from the online store and have it shipped to your hotel. Try: http://www.google.com/phone

      the nexus one is not sold in retail shops in the US.

      • Tom

        Yes but im only staying for 3 days so i think that is going to be a problem

        • Andromedo

          Should be OK. Just call the hotel in advance and order it the day before you leave. Most hotels won't have any problem holding it for your arrival.