Up front, I’m going to say I never text while I drive because typing correctly and driving well are mutually exclusive – you can only do one at a time. That said, this app is cool, and it’s even cooler that it’s from Samsung (who has been super cool lately – check out our unboxing and hands on for the Intercept and Captivate, and a Vibrant unboxing is coming soon.)


It’s called Road SMS, and it’s pretty self explanatory. The camera turns on, and much like when you’re in camera mode, it displays what the back of the phone is facing, but overlays the message layout. Very, very neat. It’s intended to be used for while you’re walking, not driving.

The app is available now for Samsung Galaxy S owners. Go, download, enjoy – but don’t use it to text while driving.

[Source: Phandroid]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • sane_driver

    Now you'll only be mostly dead... I guess that's an improvement. In reality, no matter how you spin it or how technology is applied, texting while driving is a distraction. I will just focus directly on the road... thanks anyway!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, that's why I say (in the first sentence) that texting and driving well are mutually exclusive :)

  • BobS

    Supporting texting while driving is NOT awesome it is AWFUL. While driving we should be driving ONLY.

  • Ron Hamelin

    I think the article is quite clear that the app is only for walking and doesn't in any way advocate texting while driving.

  • vinrouge

    He said "It’s intended to be used for while you’re walking, not driving."

  • michael

    with a name like "Road SMS" I'm not sure how any of you thought it was for use while driving!

  • IGot1

    here is the link.... gotta love google :)


    roadsms 1.01.apk
    (36.55 KB)

    works like a charm !

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Very cool, just installed. Thanks!