UPDATE: Per our informer below in the comments, this may be limited to only some Verizon retail locations. But, there is confirmation that several actual Verizon locations would not sell unsubsidized devices in the link we’re sourcing.

Numerous persons are confirming in comments and side-notes on DroidLife that some Verizon stores are refusing to sell unsubsidized (full-price) Droid X’s to customers who are showing up and waiting in line for the device this morning. They are reportedly being directed to place orders online and have the phone shipped. While this is arguably little more than a shrewd business tactic, it certainly doesn’t make Verizon look any better given all the bad press the Droid X has been getting.

So, if you need a Droid X right now, you may have to pledge allegiance to Verizon for another 2 years.

And yes, we are aware the link is an article explaining how eFuse may be a non-issue. Rest assured, we’ll post an update when we receive confirmation on the status of the eFuse “feature.”

Credit: DroidLife

David Ruddock
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    I sold two full retails this morning, but was told by those customers that the big blue box company and another independent retailer refused to sell at full retail. I call this story BS the company owned retail stores will sell at full retail NP, I would not want to pay full retail for one but feel free

    • David Ruddock

      We've updated our post to reflect the helpful information you've provided. Thanks JOEVZW.

  • Dennis

    I caught some flack when I bought the incredible at full retail on launch day. I got it, but the guy told me it was killing him cause the don't get any commission if you don't sign a new contract. So I would guess it's the sales person making that call on whether to sell or not.

  • jaime

    How is that bad press, it is an article you posted which applies to about 3 percent of the community of people who are actually buy this phone. i m pretty sure there is more be good press then bad.

  • ObsceneJesster

    I purchased the Vibrant today and had it pre-ordered from Radio Shack but ended up purchasing it from a T-Mobile retail store. Radio Shack would only let me purchase the phone on a upgrade or a new contract. I think this tactic is complete bullshit and I advise everyone to never, ever pre-order a phone from Radio Shack if your going to pay retail.

  • bert

    I called Verizon today was going to order one on a one year contract told me with the promotion going on had to sign a two year contract now that sucks eggs

  • Ryan

    I work at Sprint and it was the same way when we launched the EVO. If you want full price go to somewhere else or we will order through the warehouse. But The reason why is (for Sprint and I'm assuming Verizon) The store and employees get paid on contracts not phones. The store makes more money off activations and upgrades then no contract terms. So why waste a great new phone that people will definitely buy on someone you wont make money on???


    I will be honest I dont get any commission if I sell it retail but its not the customers fault that I dont get paid commission VZW makes good money when they sell it at retail. I would not buy it for $660 I would get a original droid and do a custom rom and overclock it. maybe in a few months you could get a deal on one off ebay or somthing

  • Peter P

    Ok so i'm not the only one who was declined from a verizon store after telling them I wanted to pay full price. I even called customer service who were outraged that a store they owned would do such a thing. The manager even told me as I was talking to customer service, "it doesn't even matter we are all sold out." Complete bull since 10 minutes earlier she told me she had a whole bunch of them in stock. Don't go to verizon wireless store at the stonewood mall in Downey, CA and if u do, the managers name I think was Liz ;)