All Things Digital is reporting that HP’s planned Android Slate tablet has been delayed, possibly indefinitely. Given HP’s recent acquisition of Palm, it seems likely that HP is choosing to focus on development of their webOS tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad as quickly as possible. From a business standpoint, HP is probably making the right move. For Android and open source fans, though, this is indeed a sad day.

Despite HP’s less-than-perfect reputation for hardware quality, the Slate platform is definitely the slickest-looking tablet this side of the iPad, and Android would have benefited from a wide-release, US market tablet. While US bound tablet-fare from MSI and Dell is expected (and in Dell’s case, one tablet maybe very soon, stay tuned!), HP’s Slate certainly had the most hype behind as an answer to the iPad.

Credit: All Things Digital

David Ruddock
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  • ari-free

    Sad for HP because webOS never really attracted many developers. Fortunately Cisco picked Android and it will make a great videoconferencing tablet with many apps.

  • ohwell

    No Android?! Guess I wont be buying an HP Slate then!

  • unhappy camper

    Dumb move on HP's part lol

  • android4life

    Can we have a "Stupidest move of the year" award or something?

    Whoopie, they bought Palm... doesn't mean the need to use it. :-D