Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

You didn’t think the unboxing goodness was over did you? Well just in case the Captivate and Intercept didn’t quite fill your appetite, here’s a two-in-one unboxing for you: Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro.

In November 2009, Sony Ericsson announced its entry into the Android arena by adding the X10 to its XPERIA line. Three short months later, SE decided to put the X10 under a shrink-ray to create the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro. To say these Mini handsets are small is an understatement. The X10 Mini measures a scant 83mm tall and 50mm wide with its QWERTY packing brother being only slightly larger.

Check out the unboxing pictures and videos after the break to see the diminutive devices for yourself.

Have questions about either phone? Ask away in the comments and stay tuned for a comprehensive review.


SE_XPERIA_X10Mini001 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini002 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini003 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini004 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini005 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini006 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini007 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini008 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini009 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini010 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini011 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini012 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini013 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini014 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini015 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini016 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini017 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini018 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini019 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini020 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini021 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini022 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini023 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini024 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini025 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini026 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini027 SE_XPERIA_X10Mini028

XPERIA X10 Mini Pro

SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro001 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro002 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro003 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro004 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro005 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro006 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro007 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro008 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro009 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro010 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro011 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro012 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro013 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro014 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro015 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro016 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro017 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro018 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro019 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro020 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro021 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro042 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro022 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro023 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro024 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro025 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro026 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro027 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro028 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro029SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro031 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro033 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro035 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro036 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro037 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro038 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro039 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro040 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro051 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro049 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro050

XPERIA X10 Mini / Mini Pro Comparison

SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro041 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro043 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro044 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro045 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro046 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro047 SE_XPERIA_X10MiniPro048

  • himanshu kumbhare

    is there any problem in x10 mini because the battery is non removable.

    • Jose R. Ortiz

      I didn't see it as a problem. I found the battery life to be decent and could go through a work day on a single charge. That being said, I did have to charge it every night given the heavy talk time I put on it. Unless you're in a situation where you will not have access to a power source and don't mind having to charge your phone nightly, the non-removable battery should not present an issue.

  • http://www.yahoo.com husky214

    if you thick you might have problems with the non-removable battery of the mini x10, why not try the mini x10 pro, the slighlty bigger brother of the mini x10. plus it looks more stylish with its sliding keyboard. but both looks elegant.

  • Ankush Khamitkar

    I Have mini x10 Pro It performing greate except bluetooth i can not attached with the other mobiles bluetooth devices, and they also not able to discover my bluethooth device in there phone, give me a solution on this

    And also tell me that can I Upgrade my Mobiles OS system from 1.6 Android to 2.2 Android,
    If Yes, How???????
    If NO, How??????