SimpleRoot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition Now Unlocking Root And NAND On Post-OTA EVO 4G Phones
Last Updated: September 28th, 2014

This article mentions rooting and flashing of custom ROMs. If you’re unfamiliar with either term, hit up our primers here and here for additional information

Remember the 3-click SimpleRoot app that brought full root, including permanently unlocking NAND (that's something unrevoked doesn't do), to your EVO 4G? I sure do, as that's exactly how I rooted my EVO. However, If you applied the latest god forsaken EVO OTA, you may have found that that version of SimpleRoot no longer worked.

Fear not, jiqqaman, the app's developer, recently released an updated version, this time containing 4 steps. It works with the EVOs upgraded to 1.47.651.1 like a charm.

SimpleRoot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition Now Unlocking Root And NAND On Post-OTA EVO 4G Phones

For my hands-on using this app, hit up the previous 3-click article.

Instructions and credits below:




  • Click the buttons starting from Step 1 and follow directions.
  • Optional:
  • Click the Extras Menu and select Flash recovery. Then select the Recovery of your choice.
  • Remove all the file not need after you've completed all the step by clicking Extras > Clean root-files

Im trying to work on getting a VPS to host the files for this. My host suspended my account due "CPU Usage" abuse lol. The amount of downloads were cause the CPU over usage... So getting a VPS should solve that problem, but it's more costly... so dropbox and megaupload will have to do for now....

Source: xda-developers via jiqqaman

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  • Ron Hamelin

    Nice. Would love to see this for the DInc.

  • TST

    I tried this over the weekend and was successful. I'm running i tried Ava-Froyo but it was a bit buggy for me. i'm running bugless beast(V04) and its been very stable.

  • Angel

    I tried using the root displayed here in the article however, I get a message in the setcpu app saying "no root access detected." Any possible suggestions? I went step by step and followed the directions in the application.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      At which point do you get this message? If you mean after step 3/4 but before installing a custom ROM, then that's expected. You need to put a custom ROM on first because after steps 3/4 you end up with no SU app.

      • Angel

        So after step 2 install the ROM? Sorry for all the questions I'm new at this but I'm trying.

  • chris

    once i get it downloaded ill throw it up on my server tonight if you need another mirror.

  • Will

    Ok, little noobish question here. I'm supposed to backup the phone as this will wipe it. But everything I've read says you can't do a full backup till it is rooted. Does the rooting wipe it or is it the recovery at the end? Little confused as to the timing of this.

  • chris

    yeah i did it and i stil cant tether...

  • jonathan

    I've tried to root my EGO but getting errors in step 2 .
    Says cannot read step 1 in SD/Card.

    Sometimes step 1 doesn't work when I try to start over.
    I have the 1.47.651.1 version

  • jonathan

    I am having issues with my evo rooting using the 3 step method.
    My version OS is 1.47.651.1

    Sometimes I'm having issues with step 1
    Errors like access denied cannot add part 1 ,2 ,3 on SD card.
    If I try several times then it works. Finish step 1 then I'm stuck on step 2. Says cannot read part 1 on SD card error
    Press any keys to continue.

    Please help its pissing me off

    • jonathan

      Meant 4 step root using simpleroot

  • Chris

    Make sure you have htc sync installed, mine wouldn't copy the files until I installed that, also make sure you re enable usb debugging, I recommend hittingup the source site and watching the video to see exactly what should be seen during the process if step one fails to copy the files don't even bother going to step two, make sure you read every step.

  • mark
  • capoloking04

    cant get past step 4. Runs through to step 2 and then says error device not found. Any thoughts...it restarts the phone so i know it knows there is a device

  • Joe

    The mirror doesn't seem to be working. Is there another link for it?


  • derrick

    unable to download mirror to continue process where would i be able to down load that at

  • Kyle

    Help, mirror doesn't work. How do we access it using drop box ?

  • shon

    I click on the link to download it and it is not taking to the link... so where do we find the link?

  • Jeff C

    I've been trying to download the "Simpleroot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition" but I just can't find it no where. When I click to the mirror 1 it sent me to the evo web site but it gives the names of the file but not the actual file. Will some one sent me the web site were I can download the file? I'll appreciate a thousand times.

    • acey

      hello did u ever find another way to root your evo or at least download the simpleroot

  • acey

    thought i was going to have a nice rooted evo but guess not cause the link does not work!!! irratating... is there another way to get the ota simpleroot or something

  • Jose

    the mirror the does not work and i cant download ita any help please.

  • bea

    im not sure how or where to complete my download. i did the
    •Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
    •HTC Sync
    •Make sure your phone is on USB Debug mode. (MENU > Settings > Applications > Developement > USB debugging, however i cant get the mirror 1 to complete to zip. what do you advise

  • jen clouser

    I really need help flashing my phone to Boost mobile I have an HTC evo