Were you planning on holding off on your purchase of one of the US Samsung Galaxy S variants because you require root? Well, worry no more – the root method used on the international version of the Galaxy S has proven to work on T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant and AT&T’s Samsung Captivate.

Two methods are already available, and both are fairly simple. Read the instructions below, or check out the source link for the most up-to-date instructions.

First method:
If you have adb and you know how to use it!
1. Download: update.zip
2. Put update.zip to SD card
3. Enter


adb reboot recovery

4. In Recovery menu select 'apply sdcard:update.zip' (use vol_down + home)

Phone will reboot

and you have

1. su+Superuser

2. busybox (/system/xbin/busybox)

Second method:

If you have Odin3 and you know how to use it!

Your data and programs will be deleted!!!!

1. Download: Superuser_v1_CSC.7z

2. Unpack

3. Flash this file as CSC file with Odin3

How to install busybox utils

in terminal enter


busybox --install -s /system/xbin

You can expect custom ROMs to start popping up pretty soon now that the device is fully rooted. Now Galaxy S owners just have to wait for Cyanogen support


Source: Samdroid, XDA

via: MyGadgetNews

  • ashjas

    has anyone any idea that will the samsung galaxy fascinate be available worldwide??
    (it has LED flash..) i wont buy if they sell the worthless device without the flash.. how much money did samsung save by not including the flash...
    and i dont think anybody on this planet would say -- ah i can do away with LED flash.. so im ok if u remove it...

    • Iwant1

      honestly how many times have you taken a picture...now on your current cell...and needed the flash??? ok there you go..no need to have a coronary over it..if ur that hard up for a flash camera buy a real one! sheesh

      • ashjas

        many times... u dont always snap pictures in the sunlight..
        and i want to guarantee that my investment lasts long with features i am interested in..

        ur comment abt rooting is also ur willingness to gurantee urself tht ur investment remains interesting to u.. its just another way of looking at ..diff perspectives..
        and i still bet noone would say:"ah i can do away with LED flash.. so im ok if u remove it…"

        • SirWally

          OK, I'll say it. I don't need an LED flash. Would it be nice? Sure. Do I need it? No. The Galaxy phones are supposed to handle low-light situations quite well without a flash anyway. I haven't tested it much yet, but honestly if I wanted quality photos in the dark I would use my wife's camera.

          You can't have everything, especially if it puts the phone on-par with an iPhone 4 *cough* front-facing camera *cough* ;-)

  • Phil

    If you have root, does that mean you can side-load apps? Or do you need a custom ROM for that?

    • dorsai

      You can sideload apps on any android phone regardless of root... Just certain applications require root access to run (like wifi tether and swapper)

      • SirWally

        Not if the carrier removed the setting to allow/disallow non-Market Apps. If they did, then you need to root. (Here's looking at you with an evil eye, AT&T).

  • Iwant1

    Once it is rooted...can it be brought back to "purchased" original...on the off chance you dont like it...??


    • SirWally

      Yes. Rooting simply adds about 4 files to the file system, and all you need to do is remove them.