Have you ever been out in public, heard a song, liked it, and wanted to know the name of it? Well, there’s a very cool app that’s been around for a while called Shazam. You simply fire up the app when you hear the song, press TAG, and voila! The app identifies (or tags) the song title and artist for you and provides ways to purchase the track via an online store or find it on YouTube.

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Shazam Encore

Today Shazam finally revealed its business model with the announcement of Shazam Encore - a premium version that costs £2.99 ($4.53 US).

The free version, accompanied by ads, will now be limited to 5 tags per months. It also comes with:

  • tag charts
  • tour info
  • videos
  • a variety of sharing options
  • biography and discography
  • track reviews
  • ringtones

The paid Encore version offers:

  • unlimited tagging and recommendations
  • no ads

The key point to note here is that unlike with the Astro fiasco, Shazam pleased its customers by providing unlimited tagging to everyone who already had the free version installed. Now that's what we call taking care of customers!

Take note, app developers.

Shazam: AppBrain, Official Site

  • Matt

    I would pay, but anyone who had the app before July 13th keeps unlimited tagging.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      And that is the way every app that is going paid should treat its customers. I applaud them.

  • Chris ponciano

    How sou they know I had the free version? The update knows that I had it already? Also what Ifi already bought encore for my htc touch pro with winmo? Ill ask em...

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    What about people who used it prior to the cutoff, but subsequently wiped their phone to install a custom mod or something? App data isn't preserved across wipes (in the general case, such as coming from non-rooted stock to a custom ROM for the first time), so do you lose the unlimited ability in that situation?

  • zoomzoom9

    Kinda crappy...I got my phone after they stopped doing the free version so now I'm stuck with only 5 tags per month or pay for the app. Why can't I have unlimited tags per month WITH ads? I don't care about the ads, I just want to be able to ID a song once in a while.