Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

Our friendly neighborhood FedEx employee stopped by this morning with our Samsung Captivate, so I figured I’d do a quick unboxing video, snap some pictures, and give you guys our initial thoughts before our review in a couple days.


The box itself is fairly boring, sticking with a generic “You bought a cell phone on AT&T!” design rather than trying to shake things up a la the EVO 4G’s eco-friendly box design, or Apple’s sleek iPhone packaging. Still, though, it’s what’s inside that counts, right?


Sliding the top off reveals a ‘quick start’ guide under which lies the phone itself, and below that, the charger, USB cable, and an above average set of ear buds. The phone is surprisingly light, even with the battery; as you’ll see in the video, I was under the impression that the battery had not been installed yet. It definitely has a very plastic-y feel, though I’m not sure I’d say it feels ‘cheap’ – it’s solid enough that I’d feel comfortable dropping it in my pocket, though I’d definitely want to get a protective case on there just to be safe.


The screen size is perfect. At 4” it sits pretty much dead even between the Nexus One’s 3.7” screen and the EVO 4G and Droid X’s 4.3” screens. The phone feels very good in-hand, not too big that it’s uncomfortable, and not too small that you feel it’s going to slip through your fingers.

Of course Samsung has also been very vocal about the Super AMOLED screen the device packs – they feel that it’s superior to the Retina display found on the iPhone 4, despite it being a lower resolution (480x800 vs Apple’s 960x640)


I don’t have an iPhone 4 with me to do a side by side, but there’s no doubt that the display on the Captivate is gorgeous. It’s crisp and bright, and really makes the display on my Nexus One seem dated. I’m hoping that they’ve found away to prevent ‘burn-in’ with the Super AMOLED display – there’s a clear shadow of where my notification bar sits on my Nexus One when it’s in landscape mode(I’m considering making a post focusing on this issue..it’s quite annoying).



I’m going to cut this short so I don’t spoil my review – stay tuned for our complete, detailed run down of the phone coming out in the next few days!

Chris Dehghanpoor
Chris is an Android devotee based out of Houston, TX. He enjoys indie rock, general geekery and long walks on the beach. If you can't find him online, he's probably playing Plants VS Zombies.
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  • joe

    maybe you should have read the quick start...

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Haha, yeah, was confused for a moment as to how it turned on. Odd placement for the power button, it's where you'd think a dedicated camera button should be, and the USB port on the top is where the power button usually is.

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Wait, wait, wait... 4" is between 3.7" and 4.3"? YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND

  • Haz

    Interested in hearing about it's durability (or at least perceived durability). It would be nice to find out if it uses Gorilla Glass or not.

    And also it's battery life. I am torn between waiting for the Verizon version of the Galaxy S or getting the Droid X this week. The X is supposed to be very solid and definitely had gorilla glass which are big pluses in my opinion. And it's battery life is supposed to be decent for the size phone. I know the Galaxy S is supposed to have a faster GPU, and that OMLED screen, but beyond that, not sure if it's worth the wait.

    • Jmar1183

      The X has a better processor. Compare the phones in quadrant, the X is at least 45% faster than the Captivate. They both have the power vr graphics as well.

  • Nick

    Most people normally don't read manuals.

    I believe the thinking is, "TO turn on my phone, why should I have to read a stinkin manual?"

  • Justin

    it wouldnt have that "plasticy" fell if u took of the plastic that is on the phone...duh.
    also is it that hard to read the instructions on the back plastic to open the battery cover

    • Chris Dehghanpoor


      Yeah, I know I left that on, but that's what I meant when I said plasticy. The entire phone is literally made of plastic, which, and this is just a guess, is probably what is making it seem pretty 'plasticy'.

      Regarding the battery cover, it's not hard at all, but I had a limited amount of time I could record on my camera, and wanted to give a quick run down of the UI before my batteries crapped out.

      Thanks for reading the site!

  • Mike

    Any chance that this will allow side loading? I know that many or all ATT phones do not allow that, and I am beginning to think that is less of a concern. Please also address the flash or lack there of on the camera

  • http://Bethmahoney.com Beth Mahoney

    AT&T has inferior service to Verizon in almost every single place in the United States. With all the great features the Droid X offers, I don't know why someone would choose another phone. Not that this isn't a good phone, but the Droid X on the Verizon network is going to be hard to beat..

  • androidbrujo

    Im thankful that my company offers me a 25% off service, so i can enjoy using this fantastic beast of a smartphone! Why on earth do we not have frozenyogurt yet? This is 24hrs later and still no 2.2! Also why does scrolling fly so fast as opposed to the mrs i phone 3gs? I assume its my 1ghz :-). :-9 :-{ :-@ :-y :-* :-X :-P :-()

  • androidbrujo

    I am not a fan but why wont farmville not work uless u wrk around? Thnks all

  • nancy bout

    I had the captivate as my first android device

    • nancy bout

      Over 2 years ago