The Pandigital Novel (which was pulled from store shelves last month) has been hacked. Rather than rooting the device, blogger Nate The Great from The Digital Reader took a few simple steps to modify the device as he saw fit, and in the process changed his home screen, enabled app installation, and changed the function of the volume buttons. As a result, he says the Novel runs smoother and faster, and he’s “a lot happier” with the device now.


Just a quick recap of the Novel:

  • $180
  • Access to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore
  • 800x600 full color LCD display
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • ~6 hour battery life
  • ARM 11 CPU
  • Android 2.1
  • Custom UI


This hack is probably a good thing for the Novel, as reviewers generally seemed to think the device was mediocre as an e-reader. The attractive but rather sluggish stock UI is removed, and a vanilla Android home screen interface takes its place. As a result, the Novel e-reader takes on a feel that is much more tablet-like.

[Source: The Digital Reader, Engadget]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Chaz

    Does it have a microphone ? and can it run skype voip?

  • J

    Does the hack allow you to read ebooks bought from somewhere other than barnes & noble?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      As it enables the app market, I would assume you can install the Kindle app. So, yes, I think so but I can't say for sure :)

      • Tye

        Can you get the gaming apps as well.

        • brett

          Can you get a texting appp with the not hack

  • deandre

    yes you can download a kindal app but olny if you hack it

    • todd stockle

      Can u get all the android apps

  • Nick

    How do i hack it

  • jazze

    How do you hack it and can it get and run the Android market?

  • Derek

    To answer all your questions yes. If you do the correct hack you can get the android market place on it. Yes, in theory you can get all the apps but it is a hit or miss to whether they will work. And no. There is no mic. There is a headphone jack but no where in my readings have I found anyone saying that it can work with a mic. Which I doubt that it can support. Remember, it was only meant to be an e-reader not a full fledged tablet which it has more or less turned into.

  • Derek

    As to how to hack it.. I feel this comment will be removed but there is a great following over at slatedroid.com on it and as the writer said thedigitalreader.com. (I put this in a separate comment because I think that it will be removed. This is not a double post.)

  • brickyjon

    I updated from pandigital site to new droid. first novel did great. second novel i left my sd card in and it tried to put music onto internal memory. then gave me disc full message. went into novel and removed music files and now I get the android man and a "!" on the screen. tried to update again couple times. also reset. nothing works. Any suggestions?

  • kameron

    luoCd someone hack it for m

  • kimieppie

    how do I get the operating system you were using ... Panda ?