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Chat on Android is about to get a whole lot better. Cerulean Studios, developers of cross-platform instant messaging client Trillian, are finally bringing their creation to Android. It’s certainly time – their iPhone application has been available for some time, while their Blackberry application is already in beta. Unfortunately, the first beta is still a few weeks away, but you can look forward to these great features:

  • Connect to Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP and MySpaceIM
  • Synchronize your contacts, avatars, status, accounts and more with your Trillian-enabled desktop or mobile apps
  • Get notified easily with Android notification system integration
  • Contact list sorting, grouping, metacontacts support, privacy settings and various ways to organize
  • Set status, avatar and display name quickly in one simple screen
  • Tabbed chat windows with bubble view, photo transfer, buzz and emoticon support
  • Support for Android phones as far back as version 1.6 – works with your good old T-Mobile G1 or the newest HTC Evo 4G or Motorola Droid!
  • We took special care and respect to design and build the user interface to smoothly integrate with Android – this is not just a clone from the iPhone!

It’s really great to see developers who really understand the Android platform: support for previous versions of Android is a huge plus, as is the fact that this is “not just a clone” of the iPhone version, and will instead be built just for Android.

Source: Trillian

via: Droid Life

  • Stephen

    this is by far one of the best multi-protocol IM client on several different OS's (imho).

    This is fantastic news for android!

    I cant wait.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I stopped using Trillian years ago when it was discovered they bundled adware/spyware with it (and admitted to it). Not the kind of company I want to support.

      Although, when I did use it I enjoyed it :)

      • Stephen

        last i checked trillian didnt have any bundled adware or spyware with it.. in fact the only place i saw adware or spyware with trillian was in the hacked versions that people were downloading becuase they didnt want to pay the 15 bucks for pro...

        in astra there is the rss feed reader (That sometimes will have ads) in every message but it can be turned off in even the free version