Today, comScore released its mobile phone market share figures today for May 2010 (the figures take a while to compile), and the results bode very well for Google. Among smartphone operating systems, Google’s Android now holds a 13% share. While this may not sound huge, keep in mind that only 3 months prior in February Android controlled only 9% of the market. The figures and changes, below:

Mobile OS Feb. 2010 May 2010 Change
RIM 42.1% 41.7% -0.4
Apple 25.4% 24.4% -1.0
Microsoft 15.1% 13.2% -1.9
Google 9.0% 13.0% +4.0
Palm 5.4% 4.8% -0.6

Meanwhile, every other smart phone operating system has lost ground. Microsoft’s Windows Mobile was the biggest loser, dropping 1.9% to 13.2%. By the time Windows Phone 7 launches, Android will very likely have surpassed Microsoft's .2% advantage. RIM continues to dominate though, holding 41.7% of the market, having lost only .4% to Google. Palm continues to steadily die, and its 5% of the pie is something all its competitors are interested in annexing.

Apple hasn’t come up smelling like roses, either. A loss of 1% may be small, but it does show that as powerful Android devices have become more widely available, even Apple's closed garden on AT&T is vulnerable. With the release of the iPhone 4 and numerous high-end Android handsets this summer, it will be very interesting to see how these figures settle out by the Fall.

What do you think? Is Android on an inevitable march towards directly challenging Apple and RIM? Or are the iPhone 4 and RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS enough to keep Google at bay? Let us know below.

Credit: MarketWatch

David Ruddock
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  • R2D2

    R2D2 here,

    As I have been saying for multiples of your earth years: The Force is with Us! Soon, Droids will be everywhere in the galaxy. Our technology is light years ahead.

    Droids rule!

  • http://commonsware.com Mark Murphy

    Android does not represent 13% of the smartphone market. It represents 13% of the *US* smartphone market.

    Also, this is a three-month average (March-April-May) compared to the previous three-month average (December-January-February). It is not the results simply for May.

  • http://twitter.com/ngirdhar I like Vlingo. Hope it’ll rock soooooooooon!!!

    I think droid is on the right path and 'll surpass Apple iOS by next year at the end.

    • Dano

      Seriously?!?! Let's see what next quarter looks like before making bold statements like this....How many iPhones did Apple sell that first weekend? 1.7 Million? That might flip the scale a bit...

      Oh, and if Verizon and Apple do release an iPhone (and its not a question of 'if' it will happen but more like 'when') then all bets are off!


  • OleBrumm

    1.7 million yes, but 77% of that figure is previous iPhone owners....

    • dano

      Yes...but those previous iPhone owners probably either gave away or sold their old iPhones to new owners....

      Oh, and the most probable reason why Apple lost a little market share in May is most likely due to the fact that EVERYBODY knew Apple was putting out a new phone so they decided to wait....