samsung intercept

Is Samsung’s Epic 4G (otherwise known as the Galaxy S Pro) too hot for you to handle? Not to worry, because the Samsung Intercept is up for pre-order right now from Sprint’s EVP site for discount customers at just $99.99 after rebate on a 2 year contract.

samsung intercept evp

According to the page, the ‘regular’ price of the Intercept is shown at $349.99, although it’s not been confirmed what the actual price will be for customers buying the phone in store. This may not be huge news for the average consumer wanting to get their hands on the device, but we also know some extra technical specs thanks to the site. We now know that the device will offer:

  • A full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2MP camera and camcorder
  • MP3 Player with microSD slot
  • Visual voicemail
  • Threaded SMS text messaging

It will be available in both pink and silver, and we could be seeing a release this coming weekend, confirming our original suspicions of a July 11th launch.

Source: Sprint via Engadget

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  • Deon

    So what's the difference between the Epic 4G/Galaxy S Pro vs the Samsung Intercept? Which phone is superior?