Though it took a little while, Yahoo has just launched Android apps for their Mail and Messenger services, and most interestingly, their Search service.

The Mail and Messenger apps don’t really hold many surprises. They are fairly polished and include all the functions you would expect; for e-mail, this means checking, organizing, sending e-mails, and downloading attachments.

For Messenger, you are able to chat with your Yahoo friends and keep the app running in the background. You also have the ability to send texts to your friends from the app; these will appear in the conversation.

If you’re an avid Yahoo user (which, if your on Android, chances are you aren’t) you have the ability to switch back and forth between these two apps, assuming you have both installed.


The final app Yahoo is offering is the Yahoo Search Widget. Just like Google’s default search widget, it is four icons wide and one icon tall, with a text box allowing you to search dominating most of the space and a small voice-to-text icon on the right. The widget does not offer any advantages over Google’s, which is why I can’t really see this being widely used. Still, at least users have an option – and passing the decision making of what your phone should have installed to you is where Android shines.

Source: Yahoo

via: MobileCrunch

  • Dan

    Installed both mail and messenger, nice feature and easy to use, but no ability to log off either when you don't want them running. HELP!

    • Marine6680

      I just have the messenger app, but you log off in the little drop down menu to change your status. The option to log out is under "go invisible" or whatnot.

  • http://Www.Google.com Raash

    Dammit! It only supports Android OS 2.0+. Tmo better start updating MyTouch(s) to 2.2 soon!

    • http://androidexpress.wordpress.com/ Nate Kimmey

      I have to say, rooting is the way to go. I'm on a rooted myTouch, and it is much better than stock. Because the device has been around for so long, they have found much easier and simpler ways to root, making bricking a non-issue. Plus Cyanogen will definitely give us Froyo long before T-Mobile ever does.