Today we're having a look at AdMob's latest monthly mobile metrics report which includes some information that may be of interest to the Android community, especially developers.

Top 10 Android Devices

One particularly interesting piece of information is their ranking of the top ten Android smartphones in terms of market share, based on data collected by AdMob in May of this year. You can view the list and each handset maker’s own market share below.

Combined, HTC and Motorola are dominating the Android handset market with an 83% share. It's going to be very interesting to see how the stats change in the coming months with Samsung, currently at 5% (at least in the top 10 list), gunning full speed to regain their own Android market share.

Note: Because this data was collected in May, it does not include phones released since then, most notably the HTC EVO.

Top 10 Android Devices


Operating System Share

Among other reports, I wanted to highlight this comparison of the market share of several mobile operation systems, including iOS, Android, Symbian, RIM OS, Windows Mobile, and webOS. Clearly, though iOS is still on top, it has dropped quite significantly since November, and Android is growing at a rate unrivaled by its competitors.

Operating System Share


Regular Paid App Downloads

The comparisons between Android and iOS are where things get really interesting. After surveying nearly 1000 Android, iOS, and webOS users, AdMob’s report shows that iOS users regularly purchase apps far more often than Android users, with 50% of iPhone users downloading at least one paid app per month, while that number is 35% for the iPod Touch and just 21% for Android.

Regular Paid App Downloads


Device Satisfaction Levels

According to the same survey, owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch are also more willing to recommend their device to friends than Android owners are.

91% of iPhone owners would recommend iOS to friends, while 3% said they would not, and 5% said maybe.

Out of Android phone owners, 84% said they would recommend their Android devices to friends, with 5% saying they would not, and 12% saying maybe.

However, it is important to note that these recommendation stats were collected in February, and things have changed drastically since then in the Android department, with the introduction of powerhouses like HTC EVO 4G and Android Froyo with Flash support and speed improvements.

Device Satisfaction Levels

The full report is available in the source link below.

Source: AdMob

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Who wants to be that Android will catch up to iOS by the end of the year?

  • Dmitry Soloviev

    OS share graph seems to be based on web traffic, these numbers doesn't seem real. Because you know, Nokia is still No. 1 outside US. And Nokia almost always means Symbian.

  • Eggcake

    Wow, I didn't know that 91% + 3% + 5% results in 100%!

    • http://mendicantbug.com ealdent

      the remaining 1% responded "i can haz iphone?"

    • george

      Eggcake, it's probably roundoff error, e.g. it could have been originally 91.3%+5.4%+3.3%=100%, but the numbers got rounded to 91, 5, 3%.

  • Chris ponciano

    Thays becausr over half of androids apps r free