A leak provided by Mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin has confirmed some concrete system requirements for Android 3.0 Gingerbread. His information confirms what has been expected; Gingerbread is going to be a major release for the Android platform. Here’s the summary, translated from Murtazin’s podcast “Digestiv” by unwiredview.com’s Staska…

  • Android 3.0 Gingerbread will be released in mid- October (around 15 -16th), 2010. First handsets shipping in November/December – for the Holiday Season.
  • Minimum hardware requirements for Android 3.0 devices are: 1GHZ CPU, 512MB of RAM, displays from 3.5” and higher.  (We all, of course, heard that Android handsets with 2GHz CPU’s are coming)
  • New 1280×760 resolution available for the devices with displays of 4” and higher. (Anyone thinking about Android tablets now? )
  • Completely revamped user interface. If you want to get a feeling of what Android 3.0 Gingerbread UX is like, check out the Gallery  App on Nexus One. The same overall feel, light animated transitions,etc. Natively, through all the UI.
  • Android’s split into 2 branches becomes official. 3.0 for top of the line/high end devices. Cheap, low-end mass market handsets will keep Android 2.1/2.2
  • This is the first really juicy information we have yet heard about Gingerbread; though some of it will come as a disappointment to certain users. To clarify; Android 3.0 Gingerbread will not support devices with processors clocked at less than 1GHz; essentially barring all but the highest end of the current generation’s smart phones. While community-modified ports are likely to occur for some sub-1GHz devices, to expect them to run Gingerbread at anything but a snail’s pace is probably wishful thinking. The list of Android phones currently and shortly available that meet Gingerbread’s demands, below:

    • Droid X
    • Droid 2
    • Nexus One
    • EVO 4G
    • Galaxy S (And Pro)
    • Incredible

    A short list indeed. Google’s plans to make Android 2.1/2.2 the "economy” operating systems seems fair given the Android team’s breakneck-pace release cycle. Android 2.2 has barely begun to distribute to devices, with some of the above Gingerbread-compatible phones not even having a Froyo ETA. This does indicate that Froyo will probably take a previously unforeseen development strategy over the next year, one which will focus on providing compatibility to more low-end handsets.

    The timing of Gingerbread’s release coincides well with Verizon’s plans to roll out its 4G network and phones, and Verizon appears to have positioned itself ideally to release a truly new generation of 4G LTE phones that could be running Gingerbread out of the box; and starting on Black Friday, no less.

    Credit: Mobile-review.com via unwiredview via Gizmodo

    David Ruddock
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    • duane

      What about the Desire? It's basically the Incredible/Nexus One?

      • road2perfection

        This will be supported aslong as HTC want to.
        There should be rules on what the handset makers have to update phones to.
        Hero should get 2.2 before it goes EOL.
        Desire should get 3.0/3.1
        And G1 is prolly 2.1.

        That they have to update it a certant amount of releases before they stop updating.
        So you know when you can expect to get updates and NOT, and stop alot of whining.
        2.2 should alltho be released to every phone there is just because its FAST.

      • Duke

        I LOVE this!

        Once the post-Froyo world settles down: Content with new Froyo-like powers... will this not leave a massive VOID for all (us) "where's my Froyo"' forum trolls out there..?

        Enter 'Gingerbread talk'... which by all indications, will very nicely fill that void...

        >(:|[]= ..... (:)|(O)<

    • http://www.payingptcsites.info Best PTC sites

      Exactly the same question , i think it can come up on the desire as well , which is slightly more better than its Nexus brother .
      The better multi touch support and the same specs makes it eligible for this upgrade
      but god knows how slow is Android 3 gonna be on 1 GHZ &512 Ram
      Android developer

    • Deon

      Man, Droid X, Droid 2, Nexus One, EVO 4G, Galaxy S (And Pro), and Incredible. Every one of these phones rock in their own way. So far this is the Elite Android phones, glad my N1 made it in the list, it's getting older and older, but not out of the elite list yet.

    • COME ON!!!!

      There is nothing in there encouraging regarding the Android actually requiring device makers to maximize minimum battery life. Next generation mobile OS's must look out for the user by requiring a minimum battery capacity in proportion to the screen, screen type, and motherboard+CPU+GPU architecture of the phone. Why in the hell does the HTC EVO 4G have a battery that also powers the less powerful+capable HTC Touch Pro2 1500 mAh? Basic logic, not even high school algebra, BASIC LOGIC mandates a higher capacity battery with accomodating housing within the device be used as you go up in spec unless the software and use of the hardware by it is optimized to sip instead of gulp battery life. Get harder on the mobile industry on battery life. I'm sick of having a charger everywhere I go during the day. Basic clamshell phones hold charges for days because their battery capacities and the devices use of power are well balanced. Smartphones have dumbed down balance, but no one is taking a stand against that. Where is the middle-ground? Having to constantly re-charge is not middle-ground when you already paid a premium for the damn phone, so don't give me shit about a trade-off of "well, you get this really cool phone."

    • Niaz

      Well,Google claims to be open.I have doubts.I have a galxy s and still i m not sure ,will it get gingerbread.Off course i still haven,t got froyo.I mean look at Microsoft,how open it is.w7 works on computers as old as 10 years.It looks like a dirty business.I mean when they make an update,they should keep in mind the hardware of the phones which are using their os.All the time,we beg for updates and always wasting time to search through rumours of updates.lols

    • http://www.blackjackapps.info Sunil Chand

      Murtazin was wrong again, and so was Android Police. There has been confirmation from LG that their 600MHz Optimus One will get Gingerbread. You guys should decide to leave his leaks out unless backed up by evidence.

    • shrre

      is it sure that optimus one will get updates of android 2.3 ginger bread? i am buying the mobile within few days thats why i am worried friends?