It’s probably going to be a little messy, and it certainly isn’t going to be perfect. That said, CyanogenMod 6 Alpha 1 is available for Nexus One users now. Download it below…

Disclaimer: This is an ALPHA release (PRE-Experimental Release) and will likely have numerous glitches, app compatibility issues, and all sorts of fun quirks that haven’t been ironed out by the CyanogenMod team yet.

CyanogenMod 6 Alpha 1

FRF85B Google Apps Package (Needed for proper install, flash this FIRST)

If you are on 2.1 or a version of CyanogenMod PRIOR to 5.08, you will need to flash your radio to FRF50 before either of the following. Download here.

If you don’t know how to install CyanogenMod already, this release is probably not the time to learn. We will not be providing a full install guide for this early Alpha release.

Good luck everyone!

Credit: Cyanogen

David Ruddock
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  • DaFatMack

    I have no att 3g or edge service

    • David Ruddock

      You need to manually add your APN. Settings - Wireless and Networks - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names. Lookup at&t wireless apn info and add it.

      • DaFatMack

        ill try that ill let u know that goes

      • DaFatMack

        it took a minute but it worked

  • pavneet

    there is no market ????? wtff?

    • David Ruddock

      If you did not perform a full wipe prior to install, try that, and reflash the CM6 zip + GApps zip, then see if market appears.

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  • navjot

    Will this work on my Nexus 4?