Earlier this morning we posted a hilarious video made by tinywatchproductions depicting an average iPhone user fanboy - the one who mindlessly gobbles up everything Steve and AT&T say and buys every iPhone just because it's an iPhone. Admit it - you know a few people like that.

Now in a comeback video, the same tinywatchproductions came up with a few things an iPhone user could counter with in a conversation with a mindless EVO 4G fan (do those exist?). This video is done in the same machine text-to-speech voiceover format as the first one, which makes it so funny.

Mac VS Windows next please?

Thanks: TechCrunch

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  • Phil

    Just being honest. Theirs wasn't all that funny. They had to rely on FUD. The first one just stated plain facts about the phone. And looking at the complaints from that iOS 4 update to the old phones theirs is nowhere near stable.

  • Nem_Zero

    As an EVO owner, it was funny how they talked about the NASCAR stuff, I hate that crap too, lol. Other than that and the battery, not a great comeback. The former vid didn't even talk about iPhone's physical fails, but the comeback had to highlight that. This also means that TeamEVO in this vid can make a comeback to completely destroy the debate lol.

    Also, there's no way an Android owner would waltz into an Apple Store to "fix" their phone.

  • Eric

    LOL - this is excellent humor as well as the other video seen from the EVO side - great job!!!

  • http://no.com MrJ


    lol Apple is the new PC