MyDroidWorld founder p3droid is reporting that he has obtained an official Google update of Android 2.2 dubbed FRF84B. The version proximity to the Nexus One’s official Froyo update (FRF85B) is certainly uncanny. Based on the large file size, it appears to be a full ROM. Unfortunately, no official Google link for the client is available, only p3droid’s rooted (read: now technically unofficial) version. The update comes with superuser permissions for root only apps, as well. It is available for download below.

Image Credit: MyDroidWorld.com

Certainly, someone has obtained a potential Droid Froyo release candidate from Google, that much seems safe to assume. The big question, though, is whether or not this update can be installed straight from Eclair 2.1 Droids. It appears that this is indeed the case; users on the MyDroidWorld forum have indicated a successful update is possible from a rooted ESE81 or other rooted Eclair 2.1 version with a non-stock recovery image, but may require a factory reset in order to work properly.

Be forewarned: users on the forum are reporting minor issues (such as problems with the Market and some apps) upon install. General install instructions and additional download links below:

To update to the official (leaked of course) release version of Froyo (Android 2.2) for the Droid follow the directions below.
1) Download the files
Direct Download -----Official Release (FRF84B)
Mirror One ----- Official Release (FRF84B)
Mirror Two ----- Official Release (FRF84B)
2) Place files on the root of your SD
3) Go into your Recovery
4) Clockwork Directions: go to install zip, find the zip on your sd card, and install
SPrecovery Directions: go to install zip, select allow update.zips (deprecated), install update.zip
5) Reboot your phone.
This file is already: Rooted with Superuser app, bash, and busybox (not installed - see below), 125 - 1000 LV Kernel.
**************This should install right over the top of FRF57******************
*********If you have problems you will need to wipe data/cache*************

We will be providing more updates and confirmations of successful 2.1 updates as information becomes available. Try the update from 2.1? Were you successful? Comment below! We’d love to credit your work.

Credit: MyDroidWorld

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  • Neill Arnhart

    Can you tell me if this has wifi. I've read some of the unofficial versions don't.

    • http://zgilliam.com Zach Gilliam

      Yes it has wifi. However, I'm having some problems with some purchased applications not showing up in the market to re-download. Working through that now...

  • todd

    What's the md5sum of this download? <- an important part of safe computing!

  • Chris

    Can i get froyo for the samsung moment. Can I use this download and be able to put in on my phone? I want the update for me phone and I want to know will it work for my phone

  • stan

    This is a clean as it comes. This is a fresh start I couldnt really go no farther without the xtras in the build here. Without learning to write code myself. Im more of the artist and the fixer. Great job guys This was the upgrade from my P3 54 I needed.

  • Azie

    can i use for Samsung Galaxy GT-S5570?