The Promised EVO 4G OTA v1.47.651.1 Is Here - Not Froyo

Update #1 11:11AM 6/28/10: Sprint published the official announcement, though only listing the original 3 update points from 4 days ago. Go to the thread and voice your concerns to them if you've bricked your EVO with this update.

Update #2: 6:00PM 6/28/10: Sprint pulled the update because of numerous reports of bricking legitimate unrooted phones. More info as soon as it's available.

If you guys remember, 4 days ago a BGR connection at Sprint leaked information regarding an OTA update for the EVO 4G scheduled to arrive on June 28th and fixing the following issues:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi performance
  • Exchange Active Sync improvements which include a fix to issue including new account set up, PIN policy usage, and Exchange Server 2010 Calendar Sync
  • Addresses Social Networking Sync issue with Facebook application which can improve battery performance

It looks like he wasn't lying, as a 21.43MB v1.47.651.1 OTA did hit EVO 4G this morning:

The Promised EVO 4G OTA v1.47.651.1 Is Here - Not Froyo

It is currently not known what exactly was changed, although from what I could gather from the comments over at Engadget:

  • 802.11n was indeed enabled
  • the grounding issue that prevented the touchscreen from working when the phone is laid flat was fixed (my EVO definitely suffers from that - take a look at this video around 1:40)
  • the 30fps limit was NOT fixed
  • you can select the resolution for HDMI video out
  • the update reportedly breaks the unrevoked root Edit: confirmed

A whole slew of users is reporting that the update bricked their EVOs.

Also, this goes without saying that if you installed a custom ROM, you should wait for the ROM developer to update you and disregarding any updates from Sprint.

What else have you noticed? How did the update go?

Credit: Engadget

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  • Jake

    Updating now - we'll see how it goes. So far so good.


    Unrevoked Root is now broke. What do I do now to do a simple root?

    • The green robot
    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Here's our Simple Root tutorial that lets you install any ROM, such as DamageControl.

  • Barry

    Still can't use flash when recording vids... wish that was fixed.

  • jacob

    bricked my evo with this update.

  • Unplugged

    Do NOT reapply the update once it has been updated. Even if your Evo states that an update is needed.

    Reapplying the update will brick your Evo.

  • mikey

    Takes time to install but worked fine. No brick here.

  • rkick08

    updated just fine.. facebook app still does not give notifications, still need bloo for that.

    as for speed, its still super fast, I never had any issues there. my Evo was always grounded so no issues there.

    I havent tested wifi yet, hopefully that improves.

    at my work desk I usally have 3 bars at the most of reception. I can now confirmed that I have full bars.. I'm not sure if this update had anything to do with it but every phone I have owned has always given me 3 bars at my desk and now its full or it has for the whole day.

  • http://www.interfaser.com Chad Gabriel

    Update went smooth. No problems. Phone seems to be running a bit faster now.

  • pcfreak

    I upgraded two EVO's without problems. However, my Sprint account rep just informed me Sprint has pulled the update to fix the possible bricking issue.

  • Will Nelson

    Yeah, pretty sure they did pull it. The option to update isn't available on my phone anymore.

  • Dustin

    I cant turn the Sense UI off now since I updated.. it just reloads it everytime I go to the home screen.

    Also.. Underneath the Sense clock widget where it shows location all it says is 'My location' and nothing else and WILL NOT update no matter what I do.

    Also.. again.. the backlight on my Home, menu, back and search button are staying lit.

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=700649 Timm

    Damage control rom is out and awesome


  • Jason

    Bricked my Evo... here's what happened. Yesterday afternoon in Milwaukee, I get notification that there's an OTA update. Start it, then go to Firefox to check it out... get scared seeing the brick reports already... let it finish, it updates fine (took a long time, 3-4 reboots).

    This morning, get notification of another update (different version number from last night). Again check web, see all the news and blogs posting last night about Sprint stopping the updates until things are fixed. Think, OK, all these sources say Sprint has stopped the update until it's fixed, it must be fixed. Brick. Seems Sprint either didn't really make the OTA update unavailable.