Obtaining Your Droid X Live Wallpaper

A savvy XDA forum user has taken the initiative to decompile the Droid X’s live wallpapers and provide them to the Android masses. At the moment, 6 live wallpapers of the Droid X “Eye” are available on the thread - 5 from the phone and 1 modified by one of the forum members. Links for each below:

Image Courtesy of XDA Forums tpwrv yCLLa



To install your Droid X Eye live wallpaper, simply

  • download one of the .apk’s linked above straight from your phone's browser and click on it to install or
  • move it to your phone from your computer, open using Astro File Manager or another install-capable file manager, and select install

Once installed, the Droid X wallpaper is selected like any other live wallpaper:

  • go to your home screen
  • hit the settings key
  • select wallpapers > live wallpapers
  • the installed .apk should appear as “DROID X.”

The wallpapers should be installable on any 2.1 or 2.2 Android device, with or without root. Currently, only one variation of the Droid X Eye live wallpaper may be installed on a device at a given time.

NOTE: This live wallpaper is not easily uninstalled. At current, the only method available is the following ADB console command:

adb uninstall com.android.wallpaperx

Credit: XDA Forums via Droid-Life

David Ruddock
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  • http://blogofsumyunguy.wordpress.com Sumyunguy

    meh...I was hoping that rainbow smoke was going to be animated.

  • Chris Heald

    Why on earth does it need my location and access to take pictures?

    • David Ruddock

      I believe I have an answer for this. The .apk was originally a full-on replacement for the Android Live Wallpapers App, which has access to those particular phone functions (ie for Gallery-pulling live backgrounds and Maps backgrounds).

      The access notification is likely a remnant of this, though I can't say for certain.

  • Jorg3

    Yeah I downloaded rainbow smoke too. Its not animated, just the eye, but its cool.

    Anyone knows how to get HTC Desire Live Wallpaper ? That one I really liked to have.

  • Jean claude

    This failed to work on the G1 running superE 2.1 ROM. It installed the wallpaper, but just turned white. Any solution?

    • David

      Sounds like a possible issue with the ROM. Does the G1 generally support live wallpaper? The Live Wallpaper .apk these particular backgrounds require may be a newer version than the one present on superE 2.1

  • lolobabes

    "adb uninstall com.android.wallpaperx"

    meaning cant uninstall like normal application? ty

    • rench

      I use astro viewer, uninstalled just fine.

      • Abhishek

        Can you please tell how. M unable to find and do it in Astro :(

  • james

    i just installed this into my non-rooted Mytouch slide and i'm still figuring out how you use it as a wallpaper. i followed the directions but under settings it doesnt have "wallpaper". anyone know the work around to get this to work?

  • http://www.pixhome.blogspot.com kissmo

    Thanx for the installation guide.....

  • Levi

    Thank you, Dev! Awesome job!

  • niick

    How do you find it on Eris?

    • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=2449638 KingNemesis

      I'm with Niick how to we get this to work on Eris

  • michael

    if you're having trouble loading it , it's because it's the wrong resolution for your phone. It would have to be re sized to fit your device resolution. To find it on the Eris you have to flash a live wallpaper zip file

  • Kendtrickzy

    works great on my EVO, smoke and all

  • http://unscdf.net Kiaros

    I installed this onto my non-rooted Samsung Intercept, but it doesn't show up in the wallpapers section.

  • http://www.iPwnAge.com David


    13MB worth of RAM to run this bad boy

    Moto Droid / DroidMod 1

  • HilRaCandeOj

    I can't download the Cyan version. Help please. It's so beautiful.

  • http://www.android-spot.com Aaron

    Doesn't work on Droid1, or XOOM

  • Some Guy

    Turns white on LG Optimus S 2.2.2 rooted, none of them work...or at least not for me, BTW it does support LWP's

  • No name

    can someone tell me how can i uninstall this? using droid x with gingerbread ota and it wont work. thanks

  • Alexfal

    Works great on my maxx. Only issue is the white bar at the top.