Man, these guys are good. This is the third time I’m writing about Eugene in the past 2 weeks – first he rooted the MT3GS (June 15), then he rooted the Aria two days after it came out. Now, he and ChiefzReloaded are poised to release FroYo ROM's for the G1, MyTouch 3G, and MyTouch 3G Slide.


Last night Eugene and Chiefz kept us updated via a series of Tweets. While they were hoping to work out all the bugs by the end of the night, they didn’t quite make it and called it quits, and they plan on finishing it up today.


The finalized FroYo source code was released on June 23 – it’s pretty impressive that these guys have managed to port it already. Well done, guys.


Update: Oops – the link I had before to download the ROM wasn’t to the correct ROM. They haven’t uploaded the FroYo ROM yet. My mistake! We’ll be sure to update once they do release the FroYo ROMs. Sorry everyone!

Aaron Gingrich
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  • vince

    what about the g1

    • Aaron Gingrich

      ? What do you mean?

  • vince

    froyo on the g1 is it out yet my phone is rooted

  • Aaron Gingrich

    This specific ROM isn't yet, but I'd imagine there's one out for your phone. Check XDA-Devs forums (http://www.xda-developers.com

  • vince

    thanks ill check now

  • http://www.xda-developers.com/ Watcher

    i'm sorry about this Hammer and nail tad bit i'm about to open up.

    i have a sprint hero running Damage Control 2.09.1 Over Clocked to 710Mhz.

    now with that part out the way time for some oddity that i just cant get past, G1 On Froyo 2.2 i'm i missing something here is this phone not like 4+ maybe 5+ years old and its still getting updated how in the 8*&^% is this phone able to run any thing less known froyo (OK come down there Guy) .... okay if this is true then this was the perfect phone one that all other manufactures should model there phones after because this phone need some one to take it and put a freaking nail in that sucker and hit it with a hammer because it soooo old god its older then my son! and it look like some kinda out of date pager (sidekick joke lol) okay i will quit...

    but seriously if porting over Froyo to an old phone is doable my hopes goes way up for someone making it for other nonsupported phones like the Hero/ Moment thx for reading my rant/rave.

    Watcher Out...

    • skye

      if it wasnt for the g1..we wouldnt have android..the g1 one is the god father of all android and...and is what brought android to the world!!!that is why its still around!!(respect)...the things they do in roms is different then official release..like adding apps2sd and things like that..that keep the phone running perfect!!!dont be jealous..ive seen videos of froyo on the hero..u must not be looking in the right place....i have owned and g1..then the mytouch..same phone just more ram..and rom...and now i own a nexus one...why dont u just upgrade and stop whining!!!

      • http://www.xda-developers.com/ Watcher

        i do understand your point about the G1 being (with a heavenly voice with echo) "THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL!.." i'm not knocking that nor i'm i saying that it unloved we all need love in this world (Pause... No Homo).

        I do wonder about the fact that "Google" sometimes try to makes a point of saying, "older phones cant run newer software" (boy do XDA prove them wrong all the time), that being the point why have there not been more if not continuing support for it? (ohh look at my shiny new Nexus G1,2,3,4 <--wait that not real)

        but seriously im not looking to just replace my phone with (At lease at this time) a Evo 4G <--Don't like it. Oddly I kinda still like my hero (kinda lol)

        When i do move up/on to something better its a good shot its going to be the Samsung Galaxy S pro from sprint.

        Curse you HTC How can you make L33t P4on3$ but still suck at putting out updates!

        Watcher out...