Good news for US Cellular customers – looks like you’re getting your first Android phone. The bad news, however, is that it is one hell of a lame Android phone – why US Cellular would choose this phone to make an entrance with is beyond me.

The Samsung SCH-r880 Acclaim comes packing some pretty low-end specs:

  • 3.2” Screen (resolution not specified, which can’t be good)
  • 3.0 MP Camera (to be fair, it has an LED flash)
  • 4 GB microSD card (supports up to 32GB)
  • WiFi & Bluetooth

I’m not sure what versions of WiFi and Bluetooth it comes with (if you really want to know, you can go through the FCC filings here). And a 3.0 MP camera? Really? The enV Touch I bought a year ago was just a featurephone (whereas this is a smartphone") and had a 3.2 MP camera. That’s just embarrassing.


The only positives I see on the spec sheet are that it comes with Android 2.1 (it’s sad that this one of the phone’s bright spots), and has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

acclaim 2

US Cellular will be offering the snoozefest starting July 9, for $99 on contract.

[Source: Press Release via eCoustics]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • tommy

    it was a 800 MHz duel core processer...its just the entry phone...in early aug. uscell is getting the HTC DESIRE...yes for the first time ever us cellular will be right there with the compt. gotta love that 1 GHz snapdragon

  • tommy

    Then by late oct. USCC will have the LG Eclipse and the Samsung Galaxy S (or an equal spec.)

  • Deon

    Why is it so lame? I mean, if you are on US Cellular looking for a smartphone, this is better than nothing. I mean it does have a slide out keyboard and runs Android 2.1 and you'll have access to the thousands of apps on the Android market, you have WiFi and bluetooth, etc. I mean it's entry level but it's not the worst phone in the world. I think when you write a review you should try to be objective and separate the pro's from the con's, writing about how bad it is from the getgo just leaves a bad taste in the readers mouths, especially if you were a U.S cellular customer thinking about getting this phone, the more people that jump on the Android bandwagon the better, regardless of what device they use to do it.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      This isn't a review.

      It's lame compared to the other offerings out there - i.e. Droid X, EVO, Galaxy S, etc.

      • Deon

        I guess. But hell, it looks better than AT&T's 1st Android Phone :-) The backflip, low level specs and completely de-google'd and stripped down.

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Agreed - I've said before that AT&T's Android offering is pretty lacking as well.

  • Anders

    This critique shows you don't really know much about technology specifications, unfortunately, which really hurts your ethos. Any boob knows that it is visually difficult to distinguish a 3.0 megapixel picture from a 6.0 megapixel picture until the image is blown up past 12x18 inches!!!!

    If you are going to critique a phone because of the resolution of the pictures it takes...perhaps you should get a real digital camera.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      It's not a critique. Also, unless I'm confused, ethos is ethical spirit - and this is no way hurts my ethics. I think the words you may have been looking were "criticism" and "credibility," respectively.

      Assuming that's what you meant, I wasn't criticizing the phone solely because it has a 3 MP camera. In a world of phones like the EVO, Droid X, and Galaxy S's, this phone just doesn't seem as exciting all around - but then again, it's targeted at the midrange.

      I wasn't criticizing the phone because of the pictures it takes, either - it's pretty hard to determine the picture quality without, you know, actually taking pictures (or even having samples). Not only that, but I acknowledge that a higher number of megapixels does not make for a better camera - from what I hear, the iPhone 4 takes better pictures than the Evo, despite having a 3 MP disadvantage.

      Also, keep in mind I was talking strictly about the specs on paper. Samsung is sending a Moment (a repackaged version of this phone) my way for review, and how it measures up in the real world may show it's a completely reasonable phone.

    • David Ruddock

      Smaller MP camera on a phone is almost always due to the fact that camera module itself is smaller and of a cheaper build. Even if the resolution doesn't make a difference, I guarantee you the quality of the photo sensor and lens scale with the decrease in capture resolution. The iPhone4 is about the only device being the exception to this rule.

      I agree, though, that the MP's don't mean a whole lot by themselves on cameras, but on phones, they tend to scale with the quality of all components involved. The new 8MP cameras are of roughly the same quality as the 5MP ones, though. That really is a scam.

  • Mark C.

    Have the phone... absolutely love it. It runs everything as fast as you can flip through it. The browser is pretty quick as well. Plays mp4 and m4v movies flawlessly. The keyboard is a nice improvement over my blackberry, cause my fingers were too big for it. Only thing I'm not big on, and this is an android problem, not the phone, is the directory structures when trying to find files such as songs or movies. They need to improve on that in the android platform. As far as the camera debate... never understood the big deal about having a camera in the phone to begin with, so... I'll leave that alone. Anyway... love the phone. Go to the store and try it out. You'll probably like it.

    • Tracker Don

      I did buy it and it lost my Emails, and I paid for 3g data network and only got 1x and the tower is 1 mile away I hate being dropped and have had dial up faster than this phone.
      if it had a software problem fix I would defiantly come back to it.
      I do like the phone allot I agree with the platform directory could be better, as for the camera very nice and if you need better then that buy a real camera.
      if anyone can help with answers on the email and the network problem I will be back to this phone.
      Tracker Don

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, they sent me an Intercept (which a rebadged Acclaim) to review. I have a hands on up (http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/07/13/samsung-intercept-unboxing-hands-on-and-initial-impressions/), and the full review should be ready by monday or tuesday.

      I'll obviously go into this a lot more in the review, but I think this is more of a featurephone than a smartphone.

  • http://icuicy.webs.com matthew lucas

    Well I did not know what to expect the battery is crap it laggs a lot and pictures are bad but it was cheap and looked good you can download apps and watch youtube overall it`s decent

    Ps I typed this with it

  • Robert

    OK .. got the phone and OMG !!!! are you kidding me??? Was this designed by people who never used a phone?.. and umm I was told (and so far it is true) that you CAN NOT use a headset with the MP3 player... Yeah.... Umm.... shoot me in the head now!

    Please someone tell me my phone is just broken andsomeone did not actually design a phone with an MP3 player that you can only listen to through that tinny little speaker....

    • http://icuicy.webs.com matthew

      You can use headphones and they make speakers for phones

      • nathan

        I had the htc touch pro 2 returned it 5 days later for the acclaim it was 60$ cheaper and so far the acclaim has been great for the cheap price all the apps work and yes you can hook up a headset i use mine all the time to listen to pandora so i dk whats wrong i think people expect a damn handheld superfast computer with tons of memory and limitless abilities look how small it is for christs sake the htc t pro 2 had a bunch of relative apps that didnt even work the first day it was horrible

  • Serard

    Tommy, thanks for the response. I've found info about the HTC Desire's arrival to US Cellular, but nothing about the LG Eclipse and the Samsung Galaxy S (or equivalent). I'll take your word for it. I'm going to wait for one. Which do you like best?

  • Sly0223

    Hello I have had the phone since Aug 4th. It is my first android phone so at first I was impressed but as I used the phone more it diffinatly has it's problems. It is very slow resposive to touch. It locks up an closes programs for no apparent reason. When you turn the phone to the side it dosn't work most of the time or it's so delayed you gave up on it swithing to the side screen that you turn ip back upright just to have it then turn to the sidescreen. When making a call the screen turn black and sometime really hard to end a call. I will be switching to the desire as soon as it is availible. The thought of two years with this phone makes me cringe. The only thing I really like is the camera, but then again switching from Blackberry any camera would be better.

  • Ashley

    I just got the Samsung Acclaim and within 2 days I hated it. Granted it has a few good points, but they are too many bad points to just overlook and deal with. I like the slide out qwerty keyboard and the fact that it is an android, but it is way too slow. It's constantly freezing up, and things randomly pop up when I am doing something on it. Very frustrating. Luckily enough, US Cellular gives you a 30 day guarantee. Let's just say I'm bringing it back.

  • Brandy

    I have had the Samsung Acclaim since mid-July and at first, the phone seemed great. Then it started it's problems. Because I got it as a warranty replacement, I have to go through 4 of these POS' before I can get something else. Other than it's slow and the other random things that people have already mentioned, mine will go into sleep mode and the only way you can get it out of sleep mode is by "pulling the battery". On top of that, it reboots itself and it can get "Too Hot" when it sits on the charger. I have missed calls and my all time favorite, the random phone calls. It will make a random phone call to the last person you have called without even touching it. I absolutely dispise this phone. I don't know who's to blame about this phone, Samsung or USCC, but the first exclusive phone they ever had and it's horrible. Because of this phone, I don't ever want to purchase a Samsung product, much less a cell phone. On a side note, I'm waiting for a POS #4 as we speak.

  • Droid Search

    Being techo challenged and searching for an upgrade to my ancient non-texting cell phone, I am at a loss when it comes to finding a nice Iphone/Droid in sticking with US Cellular.
    Is my only option the Samsung Acclaim?
    Or can you buy a smart phone from any local tech seller and make it work with US Cellular?
    The dropp calls deal with Acclaim scares me, for that is the main reason we have US cellular- it is only one working in the area I live.
    Excuse my stupidity but help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      This is the first I'm hearing of the dropped call issue. I didn't have any problems with the Intercept, so I can't really relate.

      At this point, you may be better off going with the HTC Desire - from what I hear, it's a great phone.

  • dennis

    I hate the Acclaim. I am on my third one in less than eight weeks. My wife is on number two. Both phones are locking up and killling the battery. Lets not forget the dial anytime and anyone at random

    • Kristy

      How about lack of service. Can't even receive a call without going outside. Plus the fact it erased ALL my contacts, as it did with my mother's acclaim. Going back to US Cellular tomorrow to trade it in for a blackberry curve. Hate this phone with a passion. I've had it for 2 weeks.

    • Nancy

      I have had the exact same problems!!! Were you able to get a fix for them?

  • lynn

    i just got it and it deleted all my contacts, as in the phone numbers and names of contacts. it did the same to my mom...so if anyone knows how to fix this please help! im usually pretty good with technology and this phone is pretty irritating.

  • Ashley Dawn

    I have had this phone a little over 24 hours mind you I was ready to bring it back after 3! Not joking!! I have no signal for calls much less the browser. Between 9-11 there were 18 calls between my fiance and I some the call never connected and the others dropped. As for the browser why have wifi if it won't pickup my router 15 foot away? I get an out of range message I can pick it up with my Ipod literally 400foot away yet I'm out of range with this! my 1st droid and I hate it I picked this over the HTC bc of the keyboard same with the blackberry don't like its keypad so this pos will be returned thank god for the 30day return! I will go back to my Motorola with call text and .3 megapix until usc has the Motorola Droid everyone I know on Verizon has it and loves it!

  • Zack

    Ok I have had this phone since september and I dont get whats wrong with you people. This phone works great its super fast and I've NEVER lost a call. If you think it lacks in some features like I did try a little app called launcher pro. You can get live wallpapers, 7 home screens, an iphone like dock, and much more. This is a great phone for its price.

  • Bruce

    The random dialing is a big problem. At first I thought it was me putting the phone in my pocket and accidentally making a call so I used the lock screen feature and that made absolutely no difference. For whatever reason, this phone places calls all on its own. Does anyone have a solution for this? I work in a hospital and I can't have this phone causing breaches in patient confidentiality.

  • austin

    Worst phone Ive ever had. On my 3rd one and the next day after it came it was already shutting off randomly. Ive had it for a week and its probably shut off a dozen times. Old ones would randomly dial people, lose all contacts, etc. I know its the first android from uscc but a recall is needed. My advice is do not buy this phone.

  • curtis

    I bought this phone about two months ago and loved it, until my 30 days were up. It started lagging a liitle bit here and there, and now takes about 30 seconds to open up most of my apps or messaging, 10 for the icons to come back on my homescreen after exiting something, and after typing a sentence or two, I have to pause for the phone to catch up or it will skip half of what I wrote. It's only able to download half of my picture texts and only 1 out of about 30 videos. Several years ago my phone would download videos and pics flawlessly, why can't this thing do it? The WiFi won't pick up my router from across the room, but my OLD laptop will pick it up perfectly from my neighbor's house 100 meters away. What is the point of WiFi if it doesn't work? The web browser usually works pretty good for about 5 minutes and then freezes up. Camera works great. Yeah, its only 3mp, but it's a phone, if you don't like it then buy a real camera. I havent yet had any calling problems and I'm hoping that I don't get the random calls(had that with a razor 2 on speaker) or the contacts getting deleted. However, I have had it open applications randomly. It has started playing pandora, opened gps, web browser, facebook and a few alarms that I didn't set. Thoight it was me at first, but I started paying attention, clearly my phone is at fault. So far the onlly apps that work like they should are the stopwatch and flashlight. I probably should have seen this coming from the price tag alone. This is my first droid and I'm very disapionted with it, actually I'm pretty pissed because I'm stuck with it for another year. You get what you pay for, but this was one of the two droids with a keyboard, so you're kinda limited on options if you hate touch screen only phones like me. USC needs to pick up a few new(beter) Droids that actually function properly sometime soon because this phone sucks. Hopefuly by next year USC will catch up with the competition and get some new phones that work like they should. I'm definately going to read reviews like these before buying my next phone.

  • michael

    This phone sucks pretty bad. i updated the android software and now after i send someone a text and lock the phone it still types random texts to the person as if the screen wasn't locked.

    serious fail

  • cory

    I don't know what all the fuss is about,the only one of these problems I've encountered was the battery being crap.it is a good enough phone for anyone looking to get rid of the dinosaur razor(like me)or to test the droid waters.it is medium price range so you get what you pay for.also I wrote this via my samsung acclaim.