Google Officially Updates Us On Froyo Status - FRF72 Was Not Final, Release Date Still Unknown, "On Its Way Shortly"

We've been watching the semi-official "when will Froyo come out" thread at Google support forums for quite a while, and lately have been seeing more and more unhappy Nexus One and other Android users, complaining about Google's failure to deliver Froyo in a promised "within a few weeks" timeline.

Today, after the release of iOS, things have really heated up - there are now over 1275 responses to the thread, all wanting to know the same thing - when will Froyo finally come out?

To ease up the tension, from time to time, Google's awesome PR machine in the form of a random Google employee or 2 pops into the forum to provide an update.

About half an hour ago, another such sighting was reported. Allow us to present you with the official latest word on Froyo launch:

Ry Guy

Google Employee
07:03 PM

Hey guys,

Just dropping in to let you know that the FRF72 build that is floating around is not the official update. The Android team is feverishly working to get a final version out the door, but like passion-ate has mentioned this will only happen once a release candidate meets our quality criteria.

Since today is the Summer Solstice, we know things will be heating up a bit so hopefully Froyo will be on its way shortly. Thanks for your continued patience!

-Ry Guy

So… that tells us… not very much but we now know 2 things:

  • FRF72, which was the latest official leaked Froyo build, was not the final version (we kind of already suspected that)
  • and Froyo is still not ready (doh!)

So, while not saying much, Ry Guy actually provided a good status update. I seriously suggest everyone to relax and let Google do what it does best - release software (their PR arm is a whole other business, especially in Android's case).

Seriously - don't get in with the panic/hype. Just be patient.

Source: Google forums, via tip from Earl

Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://twitter.com/TechThirst TechThirst_anuj

    I'm definitely getting impatient but at the end of the day I've learned to trust Google and that the wait will be worth it. But an actual date, or at least a 3-4 day span as to when we should expect it would be nice..

    • String

      To quote a developer I once worked with, "I can't tell you when I'll find the last bug." That's why software release estimates are no more than that - estimates. While I generally think Google could do a much better job communicating re: Android, in a case like this I respect what they're doing.

      OTOH, I have a suspicion that 2.2 will "launch" will actually happen on the Droid X this week, and OTA updates for existing phones will conveniently start soon after that.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Agreed with both of you, but again, due to the nature of the finish date for this project (i.e. when the last bug in the milestone is fixed), it's not really possible to name a time span.

  • derick

    I'm anxiously awaiting froyo on my incredible, but I am perfectly satisfied with eclair. Although I would root if there was a froyo port for the incredible.

  • http://www.ipvfletch.net IPvFletch

    This is GOOD actually, because I noticed at boot-ups and other instances, Froyo can hang/pause for a second or up to maybe 30 seconds. It is very annoying and happens at the worst times. I think they likely have major/crit bugs holding up their release. We should be thanking them for having such quality/standards.

  • Killer Aardvark

    It is great that they have high standards and they need them if they want to get ahead of Apple. With the release of iOS 4 this week, it will get a lot more attention if it were released after Apples release and steal the attention away from Apple. That will be a victory. The EVO is my first Android device after years of being a loyal iPhone fan and I will never look back to Apple again. Froyo is going to rock. Thanks for all your hard work Google.

  • chris ponciano

    its better than forcing us to buy new hardware every year to get the new features....

  • Josh

    I'm pretty happy with frf72 right now, so they can take their time making sure everything's perfect.

  • Mr. E.

    I spoke with HTC Technician over the phone, update for Froyo, is expected to be released sometime between middle-end of July. So i was told.

  • Cody Williams

    i would like to know when froyo is coming out on the vibrant im growing impatient