Froyo FRF72


Good thing for our readers that I’m a night owl, and I happen to love my Nexus One, and love me some frozen yogurt. Especially together:

Nexus One with Froyo

And now I have my T-Mobile Nexus One updated with the latest and greatest FRF72 build.

I just happened to be browsing a forum about the upcoming official Android 2.2 Froyo release when I see someone leak a URL for the FRF72 build that Google Employees were given a week ago. Someone at xda-developers.com seems to be the original source.

Download URL and Instructions

Here’s the URL for the upgrade, while it lasts:

Based on the filename, it appears to be an incremental build from FRF50, so you must already have FRF50 installed to use this new build.

I followed the same instructions that we posted here on AndroidPolice.com a few weeks back when FRF50 was leaked, and they worked just fine for me. After step 9, scroll to the top, select Reboot, and go grab a coffee.

For whatever reason, the first reboot after installing a new ROM takes forever. Here’s my timeline:

(02:02:49 AM) rebooting phone after flashing
(02:03:26 AM) nexus animation starting
(02:05:52 AM) home screen shows up, swipe to unlock, and in the system settings to prove:


Total reboot time was just over 3 minutes. Which felt like ages after waiting for the next Froyo build to drop.

What’s In The Upgrade?

We have no idea. We’ve heard rumors that Flash support was updated, and some improvements to make the web browser operate even faster. As we discover anything, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Personally, I haven’t noticed any changes yet, but I’ll add more details here if I find anything.

  • http://Twitter.com/xxtwiztidyoshix XxTwiztidYoshixX

    I wish google would just drop the source already... My N1 is craving froyo with the cyanogen touch added in

    • Gerg

      Truth! Can't live without my Cyanogen...

  • jerry

    Thanks - flashing now!

  • Kane
  • Paladin

    Again no love for the AT&T Nexus.

    • MRCUR

      This isn't true! You can get ANY Nexus One to FRF72 with a little bit of work.

      You will have to unlock your bootloader on AT&T N1s, but it's no big deal.

  • http://www.twitter.com/justinhub2003 justinhub2003

    Im running stock froyo on my nexus, and stil can't see copy protected applications, though paid apps are their. But even apps I paid for like docs 2 go are not showing up. Anyone know if flashing this will fix that issue?

    • MRCUR

      This is NOT a bug. Many paid apps and protected apps check the build.prop file of your phone to ensure you're running on a legitimate OS. Unfortunately Froyo isn't really legitimate since it's not officially released.

  • ziggy marley

    Just updated mine. Running FRF72 now. So far so good. It works so far. I'll see if I even notice any changes.

  • Aaron Gingrich

    This is the sort of thing that makes me wish I had a N1.

  • Andromedo

    Just flashed to FRF72. Seemed to take much less time than booting into FRF50. Haven't noticed anything yet, but FRF50 was a really good release.

  • Andromedo

    I did have to uninstall and re-install re-register the Swype Beta to re-register it, as it wasn't swyping, although you could type on it like a regular keyboard.

    I'll let you guys know of anything else I come across.

  • Dirk

    Strange, after update build number is frf50.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    It makes sense that this would be the final build seeing how South Korea will have the Nexus in stores starting Monday with 2.2 already installed. I'm guessing we should get the OTA next week.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That's a rumor that was debunked and the date was moved to July.

  • leef

    Does this work with unlocked ATT N1?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No, not this build.

    • MRCUR

      Yes, if you have an unlocked bootloader.

  • http://teslacoilsw.com Kevin@teslacoilsw

    FRF50 to FRF72 for root users

  • out2l8

    Cannot get my N1 to apply the update. Trying to install FRF50 first.

    E:Can't open / cache/recovery/command

    E:signature verification failed

    Installation aborted

    Any ideas???

    • MRCUR

      If you're rooted, I suggest you install ROM Manager from the Market. It includes the ClockWorkRecovery mod, but will allow you to download and auto-install ERE27/FRF50/FRF72.

      That's what I did on my AT&T N1, and although it only got through ERE27 without crashing, I was able to continue on from there with manual updates.

  • Out2l8

    No I'm not rooted. Thought that these updates were for non-rooted n1? I have a tmo phone

  • CoZ

    Just installed it and now I lost "google Voice" hope I can download it from the market again....

  • Out2l8

    Do I have to root this first? Tried to install the upgrade a few times but no dice

    • MRCUR

      No, you do not. What build are you currently running?

  • Out2l8

    Stock N1 on tmo ERD79

  • http://www.thelegaldefenders.com James

    Very easy to install. No new features noticed. Seems like its more of a stability upgrade than anything. Seems like Google should be getting very close to a final release.

  • Mike

    Anyone else having connectivity issues after installing this? I mean even when I'm on 3g or WiFi, I get errors in different apps (Voice, ESPN ScoreCenter) saying there is no internet connection.

  • out2l8


    No dice again! The ERE27 won't load and the prompts are the same.

    E:signature verification failed

    Installation aborted

    So I'm stuck and can't go any further until I can load ERE27!

    Crap! What am I doing wrong?

    • MRCUR

      Hmm, that looks like an error with the SD card, not the update itself. If you don't have anything you need on the card, format it and put the update.zip file for ERE27 back on it and give it another go.

      If you do have stuff you need, just move it to your PC and then format it. If you're on Twitter, you can contact me @N301DQ.

  • Jim

    I Love the FRF72 update, google voice is supposedly integrated into contacts, although I do not see how, yet. Flash is very much faster than before, and has improved controls, for fullscreen and such. If you haven't taken the leap yet, I suggest you do ASAP :D

  • out2l8


    I somehow got the ERE27 on the phone. All runs good. Now I still can't load FRF50. For some reason can't format SD? Selection for format is blank from settings. How do I format the SD? Sorry for the dumb qs

  • Ray2Jerry

    I'll confirm a fix in the new update... before I couldn't load my bank site because of some certificate errors, despite it working fine on my iPhone and computers. After the FRF72 update it works fine! Thanks Google!

    • Gazzzman

      and another change?
      if the spell checker sees something wrong it gives you the option to add to your custom dictionary automatically :)
      well integrated and very useful

  • oli

    Improved battery life with FRF72.
    Shame I can't now apply latest OTA

  • revolt

    thank for share

  • http://www.thelegaldefenders.com James

    I am waiting for the Nexus Prime. No definite word that TMobile will carry it but have to assume they will since they were the first to carry the Nexus One and Nexus S.