BREAKING: European HTC Hero Android 2.1 (Eclair) Update Finally Rolls Out, Nordic Countries Are Up First

Our chinned Hero brethren from Europe, it looks like your time has finally come - minutes ago, HTC posted a new update which finally brings the long-awaited Android 2.1 to your Heroes, following a small update earlier this week which was released in preparation for the big one

Update 1: it's another 1.5 update, though at 102MB and requiring a wipe. We jumped the gun a bit - apologies for giving you false hope. Why HTC would post another 1.5 update this large and requiring a wipe, if 2.1 is expected soon, which would require yet another wipe, is beyond me right now.

Update 2: the update seems to be a full 1.5 ROM which leaves you with a cleanly wiped 1.5 OS, without the recently released 4MB OTA. What the hell, HTC?

Warning: Remember, this update will wipe your phone clean, so back up your data first.

So far the download seems to be available for Nordic countries but I am sure other European countries are going to follow right up.

Download The Update

The update comes in a Windows .exe file format and is not OTA at the moment. It is unknown whether an OTA update will be released at all.

Here are the download links we found so far:

BREAKING: European HTC Hero Android 2.1 (Eclair) Update Finally Rolls Out, Nordic Countries Are Up First

An updated ROM is now available for HTC Hero customers to download. As always, HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience.

ROM version 2.73.405.6_R

1. Hardware Requirements (PC)

1 GHz or higher processor clock speed recommended

512 MB of RAM or higher recommended

Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution video adapter and monitor

150 MB of available free hard disk space

USB 2.0 is required

2. Software Requirements - Supported Operating Systems (PC)

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2

Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 2

Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Edition

3. Installation Instructions

Before you proceed the ROM Update Utility (RUU), please confirm the following items:

(1) This software upgrade is a newer version than what is currently installed on your phone. If it is the same version and your phone is operating normally, there is no need to reinstall the software.

To check what version is installed on your phone, press Home > Menu > Settings > About phone > Build number, and note the Build number.

(2) HTC Sync has been installed on your PC. HTC Sync can be found on the MicroSD card that was shipped with your phone. You can also download and install HTC Sync at www.htc.com/www/support/

(3) Your phone is connected to your PC using a USB cable. The PC must recognize your phone.You will see a sync icon HTC Sync Icon.bmp in the taskbar once the phone has been connected.

(4) Standby and hibernation mode on your PC has been disabled.

(5) Close all running applications on the PC.

(6) The Screen unlock pattern has been disabled, press Home > Menu > Settings > Security and uncheck Require pattern

(7) Make sure that the battery level of the phone is at least 30% (at least 3 green blocks). To check the battery level, tap Home > Menu > Settings > About phone > Status > Battery level.

(8) Once the RUU is downloaded, launch the application on your PC and follow the instructions on screen.


* Please note that this upgrade will erase any data stored on the phone. We recommend that you back up all your data before performing this upgrade.

* This is a generic software update. Any additional software or settings provided by your mobile operator or company will be lost. If you require this customization, please contact your supplier first before upgrading.

* The update will take up to 10 minutes, DO NOT interrupt the update process, make/receive phone calls, disconnect the phone from the PC, or press any buttons until the process has been completed.

* Click View Readme when executing the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU) to view detailed upgrade procedure, error message information or Q&A.

Thanks, mclemmnsn

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  • Jelle

    Has anybody checked if this is really 2.1 and not just some other update? I'd like some confirmation on this..

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      102MB, baby. Requires wipe. If it's not Froyo, then it's Eclair :)

      • Jelle

        Yeah thats smart, just assuming things before checking out if its true...

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          A 102MB update that WIPES and it's still not 2.1? What in the world are they thinking?

          Waiting for confirmation myself now. The stars seemed to align so perfectly...

  • Jelle

    I am really doubting this.. Read this post on Reddit from someone who installed this ROM: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/cgb8h/htc_hero_im_finally_downloading_21/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Looks like this is an old ROM..

  • Paul

    I think they posted the old 1.5 ROM so people who don't have it yet can get the 2.1 pre-release update. The latest 1.5 ROM is required for the 2.1 pre-release update.

  • L1

    this is the 9/11 rom 2009, the first update for the Hero. You need this to get the pre-2.1 update (another 1.5 rom).
    When installed, the pre-update will appear OTA as will the 2.1 rom next week.

  • viceguy

    Well, I just updated mine, at it seems to be yet another 1.5 update. No 2.1 yet, but still, there are a few changes so far. Now I am able to zoom with the cam, among others.

  • Matt

    I completely confused and I'm a developer.
    I haven't got time to constantly check forums for my phone, I just want my phone to work.

    My HTC Hero is becoming the bane of my life. I just a simple update to 2.1; I don't want to hack my phone and make custom ROMS -

    This whole debacle is a disgrace.
    Been to the website - this 1.5 replacement isn't even valid for my Orange Hero S/N - I've still not received the OTA update - maybe I don't need it - but the point is - I've got better things to do with my time.

    I bought a phone to make calls, and browse the net.

    Not constantly hack it; I have enough of that in others areas of my life.


  • http://www.ps3community.ch mclogo

    After waiting the whole day for the (EU) FOTA update, I've found a interesting post on a german site.

    If you set the date of your Hero to 2011 (or something in future) you will be instantly prompted to download the update.
    (the file was about 4MB)
    After that the Hero shows build 2.73.405.93 - the phone is ready for the true 2.1 update.

    One interesting change in this small update is, that you know have an "check for server update" option...


    • krist2

      Thanks for this tip, downloading the small uppdate now :)
      Strange that changing the date should trigger this. Seems like HTC likes to make things difficult when updating...

  • Martin

    Hello, I am from Denmark, so I have downloaded this AND received the FOTA update too, without having to change the date or anything.

    The big update is just a stock 1.5 rom, which cleans everything on the phone!

    And then i receive a 4.(something)mb FOTA for my device and i downloaded it... But nothing visible happened at all.. Still running 1.5, just with a new Build number (2.73.405.94)

    So my guess would be that this was just a test on how the big 2.1 update is going to take place, and hopefully it will come over the next few days...

    • http://www.ps3community.ch mclogo

      The 4MB something update, did prepare your device for the 2.1 update - there are small changes, like the check for updates feature...

      just hope the real 2.1 update will be coming soon ;)

  • MaRmAR

    "This software upgrade is a newer version than what is currently installed on your phone. If it is the same version and your phone is operating normally, there is no need to reinstall the software." - so if you have one of 2.73.405.93 (EU); 2.73.405.94 (Nordic) & 2.73.405.95 (Greece/ Ireland) you DON'T NEED TO INSTALL this wipeing update. Just wait for 2.1.

  • Sabajan

    I have a mac. Is there no way to update?!
    I will have to download new ROM (for Windows) to get the OTA update 1 & 2?

    Help someone?
    My ROM is 2.73.405.6 CL (Norway)

    • http://www.ps3community.ch mclogo

      I've also got a mac.

      Just try to set date of your Hero to 2011, when it's connected by wifi or data connection it will prompt to update - it's just 4MB (2.73.405.94) and you won't have to wipe your hero yet.

      As already mentioned in the comments you don't need to download anything to your mac/pc.

      The coming 2.1 (OTA) update will surely be more than 100MB and should possibly be downloaded by wifi - when it finally will be available. - but there is need to download it to your computer if you've got a wifi connection.

      btw. I've read that the old 1.5 version was set to only check every 20(!) days for updates... the small update that is spread now, does change this setting and you can start the "check for updates" on your own.

  • Sabajan

    Thanks, but nothing is happening when I do that. Is there a difference beween the 2.73.405.6 CL and the 2.73.405.6 R ?

    I have been waiting for several months for this update so I am REALLY looking forward to FINALLY install it...

    • http://www.ps3community.ch mclogo

      Hmmm.. is it possible that your Hero is branded? (2.73.405.6 CL)
      I guess only non-branded Hero's are updated with this OTA.

  • Marco

    A rectification might be in place here. HTC didn't post a new ROM. They simply stated that you have to have the latest ROM in order to receive the first OTA-update.

    Buy reading glasses :) .

  • Mike

    I have a rooted 1.6 on mine now. I do not want to go back to 1.5! Will there not be a 2.1 to download directly in the same way as they now want me to download an old 1.5? Surely it is not only going be be installable OTA only??

  • Martin

    I got this answer when i sent an email to HTC support (in Danish), saying that the 2.1 update will be sent thru europe in july..

    Hej Martin, Tak for din forespørgsel angående Android 2.1 HTC vil snart udgive Android-opdateringen Éclair/2.1 for Hero-brugere. For at kunne opgradere successfuldt kræver dette at du først installerer en mindre opdatering som forberedning til den senere opdatering. Opdateringen vil blive sendt ud henover Europa fra Juni måned og vil blive tilgængelig når enheden selv checker efter opdateringer. Når enheden modtager notifikationen om at downloade og installere opdateringen bør du vælge OK til dette, idet denne vil gøre dig istand til at kunne hente den større opdatering ned. Du kan også hente opdateringen ned fra vores hjemmeside, på http://www.htc.com under Support. Da opdateringen sendes ud til en række enheder ad gangen vil nogle Hero brugere modtage opdateringen lidt senere end andre. Når den første mindre opdatering er sendt ud vil den store opdatering følge efter. Idet denne opdatering vil slette alt data fra enheden bør du sikre dig at alle dine vigtige data er blevet gemt inden du fortsætter med installationen. Grundet opdateringens størrelse vil jeg anbefale dig at hente den ned via din trådløse Wi-Fi forbindelse, for at undgå unødig takstering. Vi har ingen dato for den endelige 2.1 opdatering, men afventer at få den sendt ud snart. Hvis du har brug for yderligere hjælp er du velkommen til at kontakte os igen telefonisk eller via email.

  • henrik

    I have just installed the Nordic 2.1 update. Everything looks fine. Firmware version 2.1 Build 3.32.405.1

  • John

    Tweakers.net is reporting that 2.1 is available OTA as of 18:45 last night. I am downloading it at the moment. Comments confirm the update but also mention that it will not allow future rooting of the phone anymore so it probably patches some things.

    Whatever, Im happy.