Swype, an alternative Android keyboard, that pretty much turned the whole texting industry upside down a couple of months ago when it debuted, is coming to all Android handsets, regardless of the manufacturer, today, June 16th (hey, that's a nice birthday present for me!).

Previously, you could only get your paws on Swype if you acquired one of very few handsets that came with it preinstalled, downloaded it as part of a limited beta, or mooched a leaked version online.

The latter 2 groups felt some sadness yesterday as it marked the last day of the beta period. However, Swype cleared the bad mood right up as it announced a that the new beta version would be available to everyone, without the need for an invitation.

Just head over to http://beta.swype.com starting the morning of June 16th and download away.


Mike Arrington "coincidentally" just did an interview with Swype's CEO, which you can find below.

And here is the official Swype demo, for those who haven't seen it in action yet:

Source: TechCrunch

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  • http://iandouglas.com/ Ian Douglas

    My beta acceptance Email came in on the 15th. I was without Swype for all of 4 or 5 hours.

  • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

    well, so far, I'm underwhelmed. :( I installed it as soon as I got my beta email, and while the application comes up, and the swype keyboard works like a normal keyboard (with swype lines)... the "swype" feature seems never to type by, "swyping". :( And for some reason it will not register.


    • http://beta.swype.com Brian Resnik
      • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

        I'm going through the exact steps in the FAQ. I've done it once... but I'll try it again since I did not upload a log and the errors have been different for the most part.

      • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

        Well, I'll be. Something worked the second time I rebooted. Thanks for the aid!

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Brian, I was experiencing issues this morning myself when installing to my EVO, related to Swype is configured for another device, which then changed to failures to reinstall.

        I have finally installed after a 4th attempt and found Swype to be significantly easier and more pleasant to use compared to the Hero. I think I'm going to try to stick to it.

        However, one glaring omission for phones without trackballs is the lack of cursor keys. They're really important and useful, especially when moving only a couple of characters left or right.

        • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

          here here. I must agree. Otherwise the final attempt has been working great! Thanks for the tip!

        • http://beta.swype.com Brian Resnik

          Did you know we have a nifty editing layer for just those kinds of needs? Trace a path from the SWYPE key to the SYM key, and you'll get all sorts of great navigation, selection, and editing keys. Hope that helps!

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Oh nice, I didn't know that. I've gone through the tutorial a few months back and kind of forgot a few things.

          However, using the cursor in that manner is way too tedious. It's on the EVO's default keyboard for a reason. Maybe you guys can file a +1 for the arrow keys wishlist?

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Oh, more importantly - where is the Voice Input? That's a major feature of 2.1 that I can no longer seem to use because the button for it is missing.

        • CSB

          Artem, on my phone, it's at the bottom right of the keyboard, just to the left of the enter key. And I'm on Swype 3.0.