Galaxy S Pro Confirmed - Coming To Sprint, Sports 4G And A 5-Row Keyboard

Galaxy S, a long-awaited Super AMOLED beauty from Samsung, will not be feeling lonely this summer, as Galaxy S Pro - its keyboard bearing sibling - will be joining Sprint's ranks as well.

The phone will have a 5-row spacious physical QWERTY keyboard, which has a refreshing row dedicated to numbers. Compare it to Motorola Droid's keyboard pictured below to see the obvious differences. We approve.

Additionally, as evident from the photos so gracefully flipped and watermarked by AndroidCommunity, Galaxy S Pro will support 4G, finally giving the recently launched EVO 4G someone to hang out with.

Other specs include:

  • Android 2.1 with the TouchWiz 3.0 UI for starters
  • Super AMOLED display
  • most likely a 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB RAM and ROM
  • a 5MP camera, with a notable inclusion of an LED flash, which the keyboardless Galaxy S model doesn't possess
  • a front facing 2nd camera

AndroidCentral seems to think that this phone will be a Sprint exclusive, although there is absolutely nothing to indicate that - this particular build obviously belongs on a Sprint network, but it doesn't mean other carriers will not also be rolling out a similar model.

I mention this again and again but the Super AMOLED display that I had the pleasure of playing with at Google I/O is truly nothing short of amazing - the iPhone 4 is probably the only device that can compete. By the way, I haven't heard anyone mention this but the Panoramic mode in Galaxy S's camera is a really nice and very easy to use touch - you will not be disappointed.

Unless Samsung messes something up severely, those of you who are keyboard lovers will have a really nice phone to upgrade to. In Sprint's case specifically, the Galaxy S Pro will become a flagship keyboard-sporting product, as the closest handset to it is… the brick-like and outdated Samsung Moment.

And now the pictures, in their full upside-down glory, never mind - I flipped them (seriously, guys, is this some kind of an artistic touch?), followed by a snap of a Galaxy S and a Moto Droid for comparison:

Galaxy S Pro Confirmed - Coming To Sprint, Sports 4G And A 5-Row Keyboard Galaxy S Pro Confirmed - Coming To Sprint, Sports 4G And A 5-Row Keyboard Galaxy S Pro Confirmed - Coming To Sprint, Sports 4G And A 5-Row Keyboard

Galaxy S Motorola Droid

Credit: AndroidCentral

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  • digitalthug

    Another shitty slap in the face for us tmo customers...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      T-Mo is going to have it as well :-]

  • PR

    That's so bad Tmo get's only the remainings lol

  • Joe Momma

    Oh hell, not another fscking Samsung. God damnit, can't we get a good Android phone over here on Sprint? I love my Hero but its slow. The Moment is the worst phone I've ever laid hands on, the Evo is half broken, and now this.

    We'll see I guess.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Actually, I love my EVO and I know plenty of people who love theirs. It's not broken - battery life sucks, but not worse than the Hero, in my experience.

    • ari-free

      hey if you don't want a true color, super amoled screen with a hummingbird gpu...well I guess that will just make it a bit easier for me to get it.

  • XerxesTWD

    Is it me, or does the back of the Galaxy S Pro have the camera flash we all wished was on the regular Galaxy S?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      No, it's not you. It's also us (right where I mentioned "a 5MP camera, with a notable inclusion of an LED flash, which the keyboardless Galaxy S model doesn’t possess") :-]

      • XerxesTWD

        The best part is how I noticed you mentioned it RIGHT AFTER I POSTED. It was already too late, I just kind of hoped my comment would get ignored... :(

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Hehe, no sweat.

  • http://androidforums.com/samsung-behold-2/82735-pu Will

    Sure, you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S.



    And imagine 6 months after you bought the Galaxy. You’re angry. You been lied to. The promised updates never come. There are real problems just using the phone. Forums like this fill with users like you, angry, dumping the phone, and comparing how little the can get for it on craigslist. $150? If you’re lucky.

    You’ll never buy a Samsung product again. Samsung has hired a PR firm to try to hide the real problems you and thousands of others are having with the phone.

    This is real.

    Do some research on the Samsung Behold II. This is Samsung’s business model.
    1) Shiny new phone with promised updates
    2) Wait…there’s no money in supporting a phone, only in selling new ones.
    3) Refuse promised updates on under plainly false pretenses.
    4) Go to step 1.
    5) Profit.


    Please, do not buy this or any other Samsung phone. HTC and Apple make nice phones that they support. Tell your friends.

    I’m just a regular guy who fell for their lies. Don’t be me, 6 months from now, in a forum, writing this same message.