With Android-based handsets such as the EVO 4G selling out quickly, it comes as no surprise that Android as an OS should continue to gain in other areas as well. Today, Quantcast confirms that the Android OS has increased its web consumption share to 20%, mostly at the expense of the iPhone, and taking share from all other platforms. Although the iPhone still maintains a significant lead, it can be expected to continue to lose share to Android.


Compared to just a year ago, the Android OS platform has doubled its share while the iPhone has continued its slow decline.


Looking at the annual, quarterly and monthly numbers, Android has constantly been increasing its share at the expense of all other platforms.


With new, highly sought-after handsets like the EVO 4G, and as more Android handsets hit the market, the overall share of Android will continue to rise. It's just a matter of time before Android becomes the market leader.

Via: Fierce Mobile Content

Source: Quantcast

  • anakin78z

    I don't get it. One month we read about how Android has surpassed iPhone in web use, and the next month it's 20%, and that's supposed to be a good thing. I guess it all just comes to show that numbers don't mean jack, cause everyone has their own set of them. In my household, Android use has increased 153%, while iOS still sits at a pretty .2%.

    • http://iandouglas.com/ Ian Douglas

      Yeah, numbers are confusing, but these numbers are not conflicting with previous reports.

      The stats that others have reported in the past have been from AdMob, who are simply reporting the market share of devices which were shown an ad impression; the gains that Android made there were commonly attributed to Android apps having more AdMob ads than iPhone apps. And now that Apple has made their own ad platform and blocking other ad networks like AdMob, their numbers will be useless in the future. Their numbers didn't necessarily reflect web sites showing AdMob ads.

      Mattias' article reports some analytics data from Quantcast, who I believe analyzes User Agent (browser) data from web sites, and likely parsed out the mobile platform names from that.

      Also, it's likely that Quantcast doesn't differentiate iPhone web traffic from iPod or iPad traffic, and lumps them all together, which can make the stats seem higher than if it were iPhone traffic alone.

    • http://techgeeknews.wordpress.com wagedomain

      You're mistaken, we read about how Android has surpassed iPhone in new activations, not web use.

  • Dano

    Man....It's good to dream!

  • Dano

    Let's see what the stats look like after June 24th! I'm sure Apple will sell a little bit more than the 65,000 or so EVOs that Sprint sold on Day 1!!!

    Too funny! (and sad)...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're not comparing apples to apples here, are you (oh the puns). iPhone is alone - 1 device. EVO is one of many and is not expected to outsell iPhone. However, Android as a whole - that's a different story, and that's why Apple is losing ground.

      • Dano

        Now that is a stat I would like to see: Total sales of ALL droid devices .vs iPhones....

        I think iPhone sales would still be greater and that's before today's mayhem at AT&T stores...

        And by the way...I personally am much more impressed with my EVO's features than what the iPhone 4 is bringing.

        I think Steve's keynote was his worst in a long time! But deep down, I still love the simplicity of the iPhone interface and 3rd party apps are way more polished...

        Plus, the keyboard is much more accurate than any Droid keyboard.

        June 24th can't get here soon enough!