Only 5 days ago the brilliant team behind the android-wifi-tether project, which provides free WiFi hotspot capabilities to rooted phones, added support for EVO 4G. This meant users of this recently released beast could now turn their phones into WiFi routers, broadcasting WiFi signal to devices nearby, thus removing the need for a similar application Sprint charges $30/month for.

Well, there were a couple of limitations:

  • The android-wifi-tether hotspot ran in ad-hoc mode, which meant devices that didn't support ad-hoc mode couldn't use or even see it. This included other Android phones, some game consoles (like the Wii), and other devices.
  • Another limitation was lack of support for WPA/WPA2, which offer a much stronger security than WEP. WEP is weak and easily breakable; though combined with whitelist support, it was still relatively secure.

Good news everyone!

Following the discovery of a secondary firmware file within the EVO's directory structure and undocumented driver calls in the source, the team working on the android-wifi-tether project have fully implemented infrastructure mode on the Sprint EVO 4G, allowing users the same experience as if they were using the bundled Sprint Hotspot application, but without the $30 monthly fee.

By fully supporting infrastructure mode vs the previous ad-hoc only mode, you will now be able to enjoy the full wireless hotspot experience, including support for WPA2 encryption, compatibility with a larger set of devices, and easier configuration on the client device.

This application adds yet another bullet point to the long list of reasons to root your Android device. In combination with the unrEVOked one-click root you can go from a phone fresh out of the box to free, feature-full wireless hotspot capability in under 5 minutes.

For now, only the EVO 4G supports the newly added WPA2 and infrastructure mode, while the rest of the Android phone lineup will default to the previous ad-hoc+WEP mode.

Next on the feature list will be full support for the newly rooted HTC Incredible, and possibly other phones.

Comparison To Sprint's $30 WiFi Hotspot

Now that WPA2 and infrastructure mode have been added, the $30/month Sprint WiFi Hotspot application offers almost no benefits.

The only feature still not present in the Android WiFi Tether app for root users is automatic hotspot shutdown after a period of inactivity, which could provide considerable battery savings for the forgetful ones. There is already a ticket to add this support, so hopefully it will get implemented one day.

Also untested are both apps' effects on battery life, but because they use the same firmware, I am thinking they should be quite comparable (I would definitely have a charger ready in either case).


Download Android WiFi Tether version 2.0.5-pre1 or above from the download page in order to get the functionality described above and report back with your success story.


Here are the screenshots showing the new WPA2 security on the EVO 4G:

snap20100611_152207 snap20100611_152212

And here's my HTC Hero, previously unable to connect to the ad-hoc network created by Android WiFi Tether on the EVO, connecting to the new infrastructure network just fine:

snap20100611_144549 snap20100611_184645

  • Palak Desai

    If I have version 2.0.2 from the OMJ ROM, can I just download the latest version 2.0.5 and overwrite it or do i have to wait for a new ROM? Thanks

    • xxwildbillxx

      i rooted my htc galaxy s2 for sprint, the wifi tefher works for the computers in my house but not the evo 3d , is there a way to configure it to connect the evo 3d ?

  • EvoLution

    This is soooo awesome! I was confused at first because I used the sprint hotspot widget and menu to connect via computer instead of the android-wifi-tether app so I got a bit paranoid about paying $30 since it was working. Then I did some digging and found the new version of unrevoked allowed this to work! Freaking sweet! My only concern is I allowed root during that pop up, do I have to be cautious about data? What process/app did I allow to have root access and can that be exploited maliciously and affect me?


  • Andrew

    Works great. I couldn't get my computer to see the old version. But this one shows up and I have had multiple devices connected to it. I love my EVO!

  • Famous T. Buck

    I would like to know how you were able to get the Wireless Tether page to change the Wireless data for the EVO. Do you have to have Froyo to be able to change Wireless Tether options? On my EVO I cannot find it. Wireless tethering is working but it says unsecured and I would like to change the SSID as well. The screenshots for the EVO show Wireless Tether and I can't find that. Thanks

  • Dale

    Anyone know of a way to root the phone after the latest Sprint update? My Wifi tether doesn't work anymore and keeps saying my phone is not rooted, even after running unrEVOked.

  • g

    Tried the 2.0.5pre1 with my Droid and still stuck with ad-hoc network. :(

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The infrastructure mode only works on the EVO as far as I know.

      • tbizz510

        Also works for lg thrill.. connects to ps3 and wii with no problems

    • Joe

      yeah...the article is about HTC Evo, not the Droid or any other Android phone...

  • Nara

    Works great, but when I turn encryption on and give a passphrase I keep getting an error that the security key is not matching. I tried at least 10 times. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  • Longsnowsm

    I just recently installed the Wireless Tether from the Market and it didn't work for me. I then found an article stating that the 2.0.5 release supported WPA and that people were reporting better results. So I found the link to the code for the latest version of the Wireless Tether and installed it. I had some issues getting it to work initially. I found that when turning on encryption I needed to use WPA2 and AES for my XP machine to successfully connect to it. I have an EVO 4G phone just for reference. I just got that working, but it appears that it may be disconnecting frequently. So I will have to follow the next leads on frequent disconnects.

  • Dx

    does anybody know how to do this whit hero cdma. ill already have installed in my hero i have my hero rooted have the apk tether from googl code but my laptop dont fiendit help pliiz

  • jimocretes

    Connected to Wii flawlessly. Played COD Black ops multi player with hardly any lag while on the 3g network. EVO 4g

    • angel

      How did u connect to wii? My access point for tether is shown but will not connect. Testing connection reads "error code 51030 unable to find access point please confirm ssid". Any suggestions??? Thanks

  • chraso

    does rooting supports samsung galaxy 5 in india?(lock free phone)

  • aaron

    I just rooted my phone and the first thing i did was install wifi tether and i am giddy with delight! thank you thank you thank you! but what else can i do? i mean im fairly new to this and not that conservative about digging around so any tips, comments or suggestions would be much appreciated :) cheers.

    • http://liveimproved.com karilyn

      So my question to you Aaron, (or anyone) is... now that you've had your phone rooted for several months - using wifi tether, have you had any issues with this? Does your mobile carrier recognize that you are using a rooted phone to tether wifi? Does the amount of data usage used when tethering wifi affect your data plan, cause a noticed spike in usage or worse - charge for data or fine you for using a rooted tether app? I ask bc I've JUST rooted my Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S and have begun using a wifi tether app to connect to my laptop & build my website. So these are my focused concerns and I'm curious to the experience others that have rooted their devices and utilize tethering have had. Your response or advice is greatly appreciated!

      Karilyn (liveimproved.com)

      • daffy.409

        Will it work with EVO 4G and Toshiba Tablet? it is android?

  • LdrJagMan

    Does it work with the Evo shift?

  • Tara

    Yes! this works great with HTC EVO shift and visionary+ for temp root (I will be trying unrevoked soon)!!! not perma rooted and works perfectly with the new update! I used the experimental wifi_tether_V3_0-pre-10.apk (just make sure you check the option for HTC workaround and it works perfect. Much more stable than a usb tethered connection. Great job to the devs who have worked so hard for this. I will be donating :D

  • jedongmaster

    just rooted my samsung europa (galaxy 5) eclair (2.1) - wondering if this will work with my phone as well.

    please advise! thanks and more power!

  • Sdp

    Any instructions on how to root sprint epic 4g 2.2?? And if free hotspot app available for it? Thank you.

    • angel

      I have a mytouch slide... This should also work 4 your phone. Download universal androot (temp root) & wireless tether. If u can't find them in the market, 4shared.com

  • jan

    does not work on CyanogenMode7

  • HellJumper

    Awesome app, one issue tho. I have multiple people connecting to my hotspot. As you all know, it has a limit of clients that can connect. The issue, when one client disconnects from their laptop. THe client in the client list REMAINS. How can I get rid of that client ID without having to restart the tether everytime to make room for another user to connect? Please respond here or email. Would really liek to know how to fix this, or just plainly, how can I kick clients off the hotspot?

  • 2010

    Will this work for the New HTC Evo 3D?

    • Rob Spendlove

      Running UD6 (an EB28 ROM based from a Samsung Transform) on a Samsung Moment. This app does not give me an option for AP mode, and the log only states it is activating ad-hoc mode.

      I had some hopes...

  • jose cruz

    can the casio commando broadcast infrastructure mode wifi?

  • lauren

    Have tried using this with my rooted Samsung Prevail to connect with my HP Touchpad. I tried all the various settings, but the touchpad (which only recognizes infrastructure). Have also tried Open Garden & Barnacle, no luck. Anyone else have any luck?

    • FlyBoyMark

      Don't know what you're doing wrong but works fine on my samsung prevail from boost. Using version 3.1 beta 6. All the gadgets work including WPA2. Only quirk is you have to reboot before you use it again the next time. Very stable once connected. I've had 3 devices together hooked up at the same time. Connection speed vary from 600 kilobits to 2.0 megabits On boost mobile sprint network

  • tokinganja

    Will this run on LG Optimus Dynamic?