2010-06-11 20h41_49

 2010-06-11 20h41_49

Yeah, so the title may be a bit confusing, but it’s more or less an accurate summary. Basically, AT&T released a (promo?) video detailing their testing procedure for Android phones, in which Dante Martin, a device product manager at AT&T, waves around a HTC Android handset that looks a whole lot like the Aria whose leaked pictures were outed a few weeks ago.

In addition to those leaked pictures, ROM developer Coinflipper sent Android Central a render of a HTC device dubbed the ‘Liberty’. The device in the render is very similar to the device in the leaked Aria picture, and the user-agent for both the Aria and the Liberty both show a 320x480 resolution, indicating that they may be the same phone.


Back to the video, if you watch it carefully you can catch a few brief glimpses of the diminutive candy bar handset. No details about the phone itself are revealed in the video, but it’s fairly clear after seeing the leaked pictures and renders this past week that the phone is either the Aria/Liberty, or a pretty damn good imposter.

I’m not sure I could reasonably use a touchscreen only device with such a small screen. The virtual keyboard on that thing has to be fairly cramped, and I have enough trouble as it is with the virtual keyboard on my Nexus One. What do you guys think? Does size really matter?

Source: Engadget

Source: Android Central

Chris Dehghanpoor
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  • Mr Magic

    My Rogers Magic has a 3.2 screen, and I like the size of the phone better than my Nexus One. The touchscreen on the Magic is just fine. If I could get the performance of the Nexus in a package like the Magic, I'd have the perfect phone for me.

    I'd rather have a 1ghz snapdragon in a legend than a Evo, or Desire, or Incredible. But that's just me.

  • kerry

    Meeeh, 3.2 is too small. The smallest sized screen i will use from here on out will be 3.7in or greater (thats how big the iphone screen is, right?) But my evo makes using anything smaller than 4.3in seem unbearable haha...