Does Your EVO 4G Have A Dead Pixel Problem?

The folks at SprintDroids.com forums have alerted the community of some users reporting their EVOs having dead pixels. A dead pixel is essentially a dot on the screen, permanently stuck in one color.

It's not entirely uncommon for LCD screens to have dead pixels, and you can certainly ask the retailer where you bought the EVO to exhange it. The question is: is this problem worse with the EVO's screen?

Does your EVO have a dead pixel problem? Have a look at these photos and vote below.

If you do have dead pixels, please post a comment describing the situation and what you are planning on doing.

Does Your EVO 4G Have A Dead Pixel Problem? Does Your EVO 4G Have A Dead Pixel Problem?

Do you have any dead pixels on your EVO?

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Source: SprintDroids.com forums

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  • Kane

    No dead pixels on mine, thank God. Though, you scared me and made me run and double check. Phew.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    20% of the people have at least one dead pixel and no comments? Speak up, folks! That's an awfully high number.

    • Informed

      The fact they're not commenting is very, "telling."

  • BobbyPhoenix

    I don't own one, but playing with one I noticed it. I chalked it up to too many people playing with it at the store. Guess it's a real problem.

  • koiutree

    I don´t, but i do have a bad speaker!! They dont know when they will be able to fix it...

  • jrwingate6

    I had one in the top right hand corner. I took it back to the store I got it at and they told me to call customer service. At that point I told them I wanted to return the phone and go buy one somewhere else. They then said that they did not have any left in the store so rather than calling customer service and waiting weeks to receive another phone I just returned the Evo. This whole incident caused me to second guess my decision of which phone I was going to purchase. The phone did not WOW me enough to keep it so I will be waiting on the Samsung Galaxy S and switch to T-Mobile since they have HSPA+ in my area. I am a sucker for that Hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED display. Besides 4g isn't even in my area and I was pissed off that I had to pay $10 extra for 3g data.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Well, if they really didn't have the phone in stock, there is really not much they can do at this point. What was the resolution you were looking for?

      • jrwingate6

        I wanted them to replace my phone. They seemed very deceiving and I did not believe them one bit when they said they had know more Evo's in stock. Sorry but having a dead pixel out of the box is unexceptional.

        • henhun

          having a dead pixel out of the box is unexceptional.

          out of the box is unexceptional.

          box is unexceptional.


          Unexceptional. That's what dead pixels are.

  • Bob

    Multiple stuck pixels here (blue, one single and a cluster of about 5). I took it back to the Radio Shack I purchased it from. They didn't have any left in stock but they would change it out as soon as they get a new shipment. They suggested in the meantime to try one of the pixel fixing apps in the market. I've been running them on and off all day with no luck.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yuck, that sounds like a nasty issue. Still, I'm surprised so few people are posting about it.

  • sarah

    Both me and my boyfriend have dead pixels.1 on mine around 8 singles on his. We've had them for less than a week... all of ours are also lime green and very noticeable. Going to try and return them. It's utter bullshit.

  • donald bitterman

    I picked up my Evo on the 4th. Out of the box it had one pixel stuck on red. I was told to wait til supply picked up so I could replace it. I swapped it out for a 2nd Evo today, and it too has 2 defective pixels... stuck on green.

  • Nicole

    Had my phone for 3 weeks before the stuck pixel (green) showed up. They have none in stock and I do not want to wait till after the 30 day trial period and get stuck with a refurb phone! Basically either I live with it or cancel the account. Besides that i totally love my evo

  • Shawn

    Attemping JScreenFix for 10 minutes now. I have one (red) dead pixel at the bottom of the Sun (HTC weather clock). Anyone else have the same location?

    Will post back if it works; some are having success.

  • Shawn

    JScreenFix seemed to lessen the issue if that makes sense? The red dot isn't very red anymore and is barely noticeable even when staring at it.

  • wonderkitty

    I've had my EVO since June 4th and noticed a bright green pixel last night. Downloaded JScreenFix from the Android Market and ran it for 30 minutes. Unfortunately it didn't help. :(

  • matt

    First evo had back light problem just got replacement yesterday, one blown in center of screen! FURIOUS!

    iPhone 4 not looking so bad anymore.

    unacceptable. My 2.2 upgrade sucks too....

  • http://none Den

    I`ve got my samsung galaxy s with dead pixel on the middle of display.
    Its real annoing me, will try to exchange it tomorrow.

  • Basel

    Just got mine out of the box today with a red dot in top left corner very frustrating =( going back tomorrow i guess!!

    • Basel

      oh and i just noticed another green one in the top right corner =(

  • Lucifer Satan

    I recently purchased the epic 4g, and I noticed a dead pixel near the bottom of the screen. I called sprint today, and the said that they could exchange it, pending some sort of "inspection." I am simply curious if this is an issue with like every fucking display. In other words, should I merely be "thankful" that the dead pixel is not directly in the center of the display. I also fear that the replacement unit could certainly be worse than this unit. I do not particularly like the idea of having a unit that is worse than this and not having the ability to return and/or exchange it.

  • Dr.

    I notice a red pixel stuck in the center of my Evo screen this morning. I'm going to try one of the pixel fixing apps today but if it doesn't work I'm returning the phone.

  • Karita K

    I have had my Evo for about 6 months with no problem. Love my phone. I picked it up off the counter yesterday and saw a wierd mark on the phone about the size of a thumbprint - all green. tiny little squares with about 13 drip lines. There are at least 100 squares and the drip lines are getting longer by the hour. I plan to take my phone to sprint today. I cannot take this. madness. i want it replaced. I have the full insurance on my phone, so this needs to be taken care of asap.

  • keirstinkate

    I got my evo @ radio shack. I had it for one hour before I noticed the dead pixel. It was in the top right corner. They replaced it right away. The replacement now has one, same spot. I plan on going to Sprint tomorrow, if they don't replace it at no cost I'm going to raise hell. This is bullshit.

  • Keith

    The brand new one out of the box at the sprint store had a few. They told me to just take it and being more wanting to play with it I just said ok whatever. The next day I said to myself I should not have to deal with this and took it back. After the normal pain in the ass dealing of a Sprint store I got it replaced. The next words out of her mouth were now you can't bring this back again since this counts as an in store replacement. I was pissed but tired after hours of waiting. Called Sprint HQ and lucky for me was told it was untrue and I am fine with replacements. This was all at the store in Gastonia, NC BTW. But now I have a speaker crackling and not sure what I should do.