HTC EVO 4G OTA Update Comes Out In Time For Launch, Fixes SD Card Problems, Patches Security Issues, Disables Root Hole - Available Via WiFi As Well

The disappearing SD card issue plaguing a whole slew of HTC EVOs, sometimes resulting in data corruption, has been fixed by an over-the-air update, according to Sprint.

I alerted the community of the issue last week by raising some red flags and starting a few forum threads, and voila - Sprint and HTC scrambled the fix in time for launch. Thank you, everyone, for all your feedback!

The problem with the SD card, which most users incorrectly attributed to the card itself being faulty, ended up being a software bug, so no device returns should be necessary. The bug did affect retail phones, not just the ones passed around at Google I/O, as also previously speculated.

As of today, EVO users should be getting an OTA notification prompting for a software update v1.32.651.6 (13.14 MB). Alternatively, you can force it by going to Settings > System Updates > HTC software update. The update process takes only a few minutes.

2 identified issues were fixed:

  1. The aforementioned SD card issue.
  2. Security vulnerabilities in some Sprint software, which were discovered and used in creating the rooting process described yesterday.

Be warned: the OTA breaks the current root method, so do not apply it if you want to keep the root option available (see here for why you would want root). Of course, it's highly likely that another root method will be found in the near future, and since my data is more valuable to me than root, I decided to upgrade first and ask questions later.

A note for users without a data connection - i.e. with WiFi only. You can check for the update, download, and install it all through WiFi from within the phone without any problems - just follow the same procedure.

Here are the screenshots I just took:

snap20100604_232103 snap20100604_232107 snap20100604_232206 snap20100604_232235

To update or not to update, that is the question. What say you?

Artem Russakovskii
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  • matt

    Has anybody found a way to use Wireless Tether after updating Evo to v1.47.651.1 ?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, root your EVO properly via Simple Root, and then install DamageControl or Fresh, which keep up with OTA updates.

      A new version of unrevoked root isn't ready yet as far as I know.