I’m sure Dan Hesse (CEO of Sprint Nextel) is celebrating tonight. Sprint’s had their share of financial difficulties over the last few years, and after the recent the troubles that Palm has had, they’ve needed a new flagship phone to replace the aging Pre and it seems the EVO 4G might just be that phone.

Various blogs and first hand accounts from customers have mentioned that Sprint’s activation system has been buckling under the weight of all of the eager, soon-to-be Android owners trying to activate their phones.

This is similar to what we’ve seen in the past with ATT and iPhone activations…in fact, I can’t recall the last time this happened with anything that wasn’t an iPhone so this is certainly promising news.

Have any of you had trouble picking up your EVO 4G today? Drop us a line in the comments!

Chris Dehghanpoor
Chris is an Android devotee based out of Houston, TX. He enjoys indie rock, general geekery and long walks on the beach. If you can't find him online, he's probably playing Plants VS Zombies.
  • http://na zack

    A problem picking up the phone? LMAO. Sprint hired security guards at all their stores anticipating a HUGE line of customers.....but like myself, it seems everyone did their research and found out the EVO BLOWS before they rushed out to buy it like a sucker. The reviews are awful and the main problem is the battery life. It seems to last about 3 hours, now how fun is that? Sprint can suck my balls! I will wait patiently for a phone that works!

    • LAJams

      You are an idiot...nothing more to be said.

      • Frank

        I agree he is an idiot.

        • Bill

          I Concur........ :-)

        • Rob

          Zack you are a tool!

  • http://www.none.com HTC EVO Man

    zack is a retard. I have had the phone since about a month (I am a developer) and it rocks. Battery life is that of ANY other smart phone. Last me about 8 hours with mid-heavy usage.

  • tablespoon

    Yea Dude suck your own balls, get The I phone and Pay A car payment. And Guess What u will always be in the 3% that At&t say it cant cover

  • EvoLover

    Got mine at 6am central time from "The Shack" No problem activating at all.

  • Tristin

    Got mine at 6am at radio shack in Brooklyn. Phone works great and there is nothing wrong with the battery as far as I can tell. I went all day without a recharge under very heavy usage. The battery just died after a long day and charging it up now. Same as any phone I have owned.

  • boriqua2000

    i had a rough one today.i waited at best buy for about 2 and a half hours to only find out that they were selling the EVO for $599.99 without an upgrade.when i told them that the phone was advertised for $449.99 they looked at me like i was nuts.so i went to radio shack and they said $499.99.i finally went to the sprint store where luckily they had a few left and i paid $449.99 + tax.total came out to $487.11.now i just have to sell my hero to see if i could recover a few bucks.

  • megalomani

    Placed a preorder at Best Buy two weeks ago. Went to pick up the new phone yesterday 6/4 @7pm. There was no line when I arrived (we had an "appointment").

    The sprint activation locked up at some point (about 30 minutes into the process) and the BestBuy employee had to call sprint. She was on hold for ~20 minutes.

    After another 20 minutes of them on the phone she got off and said that Sprint said our activation would be complete in an hour or so (delay to properly port my old number).

    1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours... nothing. Went to bed woke up and still not activated.

    Called sprint at 7am Central this morning. After some digging realized that my old carrier (Cincinnati Bell Wireless) had not released my number. We got them on the phone and they said that something was not submitted correctly (share plan but needed to request each port separately). Eventually received confirmation from the old carrier and sprint that the number was released. Sprint said to wait half an hour and call back if still not activated.

    Called Sprint back at 8:30am Central as still no activation. They said they have confirmation that the port was released but still need to wait another half an hour to activate... It is almost a half an hour now, but I am not holding my breath. If its not activated by noon I am going to check back.

    Currently have a mixture of excitement and frustration. I used to smoke cigarettes and the feeling is similar to having and wanting to smoke a cigarette but not having a lighter. You can look at it and touch it but can't fire it up!

    I don't blame sprint for this delay. I blame Cincinnati Bell Wireless and think the Best Buy employee may not have entered all the information correctly.

    Oh yeah, Zack your a douche!

  • Dano

    Being that I manage cell phones for my company, I get to play with lots of phones. I got to my local Sprint store at 7:50am and there were 4 people ahead of me! Checking on Engadget's website just before I headed out to the store, it looked like the fanfare was a bunch of hype and the fact that activation servers were crippled is pretty frickin' sad in my opinion!

    If they'd had gotten just HALF the typical turnout that Apple gets when a new iphone is released, Sprint wouldn't have known what to do with themselves and there would have been alot of angry mob scenes...

    Feel sorry for the fools that spent the night waiting on line. (I think there were two of them in the whole USA!)

    I got the EVO for the bigger screen, the video chat feature and the wifi hotspot feature mostly and yes, the battery life does suck ass! You absolutely need 'Advanced Task Killer to make the phone usable.

    No doubt about it...my iphone 3GS's battery life is waaaay better! and I know it has to do with the lack of multi-tasking...

    Don't get me wrong, the EVO is the best Android phone out right now...but my main phone will continue to be my iPhone.

    Can't wait to see what Apple puts out on June 7th!!!

    Just my two-cents....

    • shemo

      I read your first paragraph and I knew you are an Iphone/Apple guy.

      While I agree with you as to the need for a stronger battery, this phone rocks and Iphone has a lot of work to do to catch up.

      Apple's supremacy in the smart phone biz has officially ended now and it will never come back, also with release of the android tables Ipad's life will become shorter and they will lose their edge, and yes their stock will go down back where it belongs, this was a short term flash in the pan for Apple.

      • Dano

        Actually, I've always considered myself to be more of a 'gadget' guy rather than an Apple/iPhone guy.

        Those are pretty strong predictions you make...all I can say is: never say never... :)

  • cary

    Battery life is good. Better than iPhone 3Gs. You can't compare really - the iPhone's would be worse BUT:

    1. it doesnt multitask (and dont give me the BS about the fake multitasking in OS4)
    2. you can't replace the battery of an iPhone or get an extended life one -so your only option is plugging in a f**king ghostbusters proton pack to it to make it extended

    As far as the SD card issues? FIXED. DONE. How about iPhone SD card issues? OH WAIT IT DOESNT and CANT use SD cards. Zack - suck your own micro balls and stay on the overpriced underperforming AT&T network

  • Dano


    Don't hate the iPhone dude... There's a reason why there are millions and millions of them out there...

    Oh and who cares about the SD card? My iPhone has 32GB of memory and I'll bet the new one will have a 64GB option next week! So again...who gives a damn?

    And the battery life on the EVO is good as long as I don't use too often! dude...I carry both of them with me all day side by side...try using your EVO for a day WITHOUT advanced task killer..

    and AT&T works just as good as Sprint where I live... ALL carriers are good in some areas and suck in others!

    oh and BTW - Im not zak!

  • evy

    The only reason that there are millions and millions of iPhone's out there is for the same reason that so many women get fake boobs, men take viagra, and women starve themselves... FAD. It's what is in and even if it isn't good for you well you go and buy it becomes everyone has it and you have to be a crowd follower.

    Don't get me wrong, the iPhone is a nice phone and was the device that pushed everyone out of the box - but it's not the best.

    At this point the majority of people who buy an iPhone do so because it's the "cool phone" and they want to "show off." I had it, lived the hype, and when I realized that the only thing I was doing was paying Apple their brand name at the expense of a terrible carrier - I went and looked at other options.

    Let's be realistic here. The iPhone's battery is not the best --- and it can't even do half of the things [at once] that many other phones can do.

    As a side note -- with a screen as huge as the Evo has, drained battery is expected. But I would trade having to charge it more often / take a spare any day for a screen that massive. It's the price that you have to pay for size; get over it.

    [And let's not talk about all the battery replacement process for the iPhone when you burn it to hell from so much charging :P No thanks. I don't need Apple controlling what I can stick in and out of my phone.]

    • Dano

      Hey man...I think that the reason the majority of people buy ANYTHING is for the cool factor...That's why I bought myself an iPhone, a MotoDroid, an Incredible and now an EVO!

      It is a cool phone. All I was doing was pointing out that the battery life was a bit of a disappointment. But I understand the REASON: Multi-tasking.

      As far as multi-tasking...all I can say is that for me personally, I really don't think I need my phone to be running 5-10 processes at the same time.

      Everyone has to pick whatever device they think is suitable for them. If AT&T service sucks in your area, then don't get an iPhone. If Sprint sucks in your area, then I wouldn't recommend an EVO no matter how cool it may be.

      We need us some Rodney King in here: Couldnt we all just get along!! :)

  • zack is retarded

    zack ur a fuckin rook

  • EpidemikE

    Really?! Seriously folks?!

    @JKFowler84 - First off, you basically never left Sprint? Don't feel bad, you're not the asshole of the group, you're just the dumbass. Dano was making light of the whole activation issues on the "huge" EVO rush. You're just a schmuck that reads reviews and lets everyone else form an opinion for you...basically you're a sheep. Take you links and suck it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0

    @shemo - Speaking of paragraphs, you're whole last one made no sense. Especially when you used the doubly negative phrase of "this was a short term flash in the pan for Apple". Know your cliche before you attempt to use it. You're just an anti-apple guy that can't afford their products.

    Now to actually provide someone with an intelligent response other than Dano. The EVO is a great phone, it has its shortcomings but then again no product is perfect. This is my first experience with android and I feel that its a great mobile platform for someone like me that is a tech guy that likes flexibility and likes to tinker with things. I don't necessarily think that an android is the best idea for someone with no experience with a smartphone.

    Thats where the apple iPhone comes into place. The iPhone is a better device for the average user because of one word: simplicity. The iPhone OS is just much easier concept to get and work with for the average person. This is why the device has been so successful. Jobs isn't an idiot like some of the obnoxious commentators here. He knew that by "dumbing down" the smartphone, his company would be able to reach an increased amount of potential buyers. The iphone is no fad...its a trendsetter.

    As I said before, I had both devices and I personally like my EVO better than my 3Gs. Reasons are:

    1) Anything is better than AT&Ts network
    2) I dont have to rely on iTunes
    3) Android is open source
    4) I can customize the EVO without worry about voiding support
    5) That hugs ass screen

    and lastly, its Linux based.

  • Dano


    Well said!