Dell Streak

Several users attending D8 have reported on the Dell Streak coming to the United States in July 2010, unlocked, with a price tag of $500. You'll be able to buy the Dell Streak directly from Dell.com, although Dell executive Ron Garriques is quoted as saying their preferred model is to sell the device to consumers through wireless carriers. Specs we've seen indicate it will run on the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that powers the Google Nexus One and HTC Droid Incredible, boast a 5" screen, and have a 5 Megapixel rear-facing camera.

From the several dozen reports that I've read on the Dell Streak today, that's about all anyone can agree on, and I personally think this is one of the worst marketing jobs I've ever seen on an Android device -- too many conflicting reports of what's under the hood. Good thing the Android Police are around to gather the specs into one place.

The 5" WVGA screen on this device will run at 800x480 resolution, and have integrated WiFi (802.11b/g though if it shares the Broadcom chipset of the Nexus One, 802.11n might be a possibility), Bluetooth and GPS, and operate on AT&T's 7.2Mbit HSDPA 3G network. The device will ship with Android 1.6, and reports indicate that it will receive a delivery of Froyo (Android 2.2) over the air later this year.

Initial reports indicated an internal memory capacity of 16GB, but a little digging shows the internal application space will be 2GB with SD storage up to 32GB. I have not seen any reports about whether the device will ship with an SD card or not.

The Streak will also sport a VGA resolution front-facing camera for video chat, which will be nice if Skype gets rolling with a video chat client.

Overall, I'm not sure this device will be worth an unlocked purchase price of $500. The overall specs of the device are very similar to that of the Nexus One, save for a front-facing camera and the much larger screen.

In a world where tablets struggle to gain traction between netbooks and laptops, is there room for devices trying to squeeze between the smartphone and tablet form factor? One user at D8 says using it as a phone "was like holding a waffle to his head."

  • ahmadomatic5000

    Android police is legit... site looks great artski and co.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Random place to leave this comment, but thanks G!

  • bjtheone

    It is not trying to "fit in between" a smartphone and a tablet, it is positioned to replace the smartphone and perhaps eliminate the need for a tablet (which fits between a smartphone and a laptop).

    Obviously the experience of consuming content on a 10" screen is nicer but given the hassles of carrying a 10" tablet (requires a gadget bag) and carrying a separate phone, not to mention the extra expense I would prefer to have the largest smartphone that is truly portable, and tote my subnote when I want more screen real estate. (versus the big 15.4" high res laptop I use at home/office). Given unlimited resources I would like a 10-12" tablet as a couch/bed surfer but under a more realistic financial mode don't feel the expense is justified.

    5" is realistically the largest screen for a device that will fit in a shirt pocket (or pants if not skin tight) or a belt case. It also provides for a better browsing experience than the same resolution on a 3.5-3.7" screen. Significantly better.

    It is a solid screen size for an ereader.

    It fits nearly perfectly with my primary requirement ("portable" devices must be portable without requiring a gadet bag to carry them... ie must fit in a pocket or "normal" belt case). It currently is the largest smartphone/deta centric device that fits that requirement and I am really looking forward to it.

    The size is a complete non issue as a phone if you use a headset or speaker phone, not to mention that where I live is required by law when driving. I already do both with my current smartphone which is easily held up to my ear.

  • http://nawab.ca Taimoor

    I want the 5" one. I think this is the best phone released since the first Iphone. All the recent touch phones are just simply copies and not really added much (even the HTC andriod ones). This one is bigger, and to be honest, using a bluetooth head set with this would be great combo. a true phone, web browsing, multimedia device that IS portable.

  • Kozmo2k4

    Dell Phone? No thanks. I would not buy a phone from the worst PC (hardware) manufacturer. Or a "Windo$e" phone. Are you kidding me? Haven't we learned?